ZR.30 Spec 2 5 Port Pull Start Monster Truck Engine by LRP

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Frederick, MD

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This product was added to our catalog on March 10, 2010.

This is the LRP ZR.30 Spec2 5 Port Pull Start Monster Truck Engine. This engine is massive and makes tons of power! Featuring the LRP XTEC T6 crankcase with extra thick ribs makes the complete structure stronger, especially between the front and rear ball bearings. The newly developed LRP XTEC PowerCarb 2 15S-2 Carburetor is flow optimized for maximum power and easy tuning. The over sized design with large surfaces offers excellent cooling for consistant operating temperatures. To maximize the power output, the LRP ZR.30 Spec2 Pull Start features outstanding internals: 5+1 port sleeve, a conrod that has been reinforced for .30 engines and a Turbo Scooped flow optimized crank shaft with a pull start that has been designed specifically for the large displacement of the engine.


  • Massive all new crankcase for hardest Monster Truck racing
  • Flow-optimized LRP XTEC PowerCarb 2 15S-2 Carburetor with 9mm Inlet
  • CoolDown Cylinder head with extra thin ribs for lower weight and uniform heat dissipation
  • Standard burn room for easiest tuning
  • Pull start specially developed for .30 engines
  • 5+1 ports = extra torque for Monster Trucks
  • With Power Start capability

Number of ports: 5+1
Exhaust: Rear
Cubic capacity: .30 (4.92ccm)
Max. RPM: 33,200
Max. Power: 4.12HP
Carburetor: LRP PowerCarb 2

Todd Sykes
Verified Owner
Saturday, Oct 1 2011 (about 5 years ago)
LRP ZR.30 Spec 2 5 Port Pull Start Monster Truck Engine
I have this motor in my Associated RC-8B. I did have to buy the non-pull start (backing plate) to make it fit. The pull starter was hitting the rear out drive shaft. I'm also using the Super Tiger (long) pipe. "WOW" is all I can say!! This motor Rips BIG TIme. I think I'll have to gear it up because it hits so hard. Well over a gallon of fuel so far and only need 1 new glow plug. Running temp at best 185-190. I don't feel the need to go any hotter than that. If you are looing for a motor that idles nice and has Massive power,,,, this is it!!!!!)
Timothy Slaughter
Sunday, Sep 12 2010 (about 6 years ago)
LRP ZR.30 Spec 2 5 Port Pull Start Monster Truck Engine
First engine mod I have tried for the Team Associated MGT 4.6. This thing is nutz. I had to buy a roll cage because it almost instantly pulls wheelies so you have to be careful. easy to tune. I run a three chamber exhaust on it. If you run the temp around 185 it has great power. leaned it up to run at 250-270 and its just ridiculously fast. Since then I've bought 3 more and waiting on an 18 to put in my GT2.)
Robert Bilicki
Monday, Aug 18 2014 (about 2 years ago)
LRP ZR.30 Spec 2 5 Port Pull Start Monster Truck Engine
So I put it in my truck and started it. I had it idling to break it in. Next thing I know it is approaching 300 degrees even though I kept turning the needle out. I tried turning the needle counter-clockwise until the needle came all the way out. I spoke to LRP and they are using a different carb. on this motor and have not updated the directions with the new needle settings. Now I need to send this thing back to LRP and hope they will fix it. Right now it is just an expensive paper weight. Waste of time and money.)
William Byers
Tuesday, Jan 14 2014 (about 3 years ago)
LRP ZR.30 Spec 2 5 Port Pull Start Monster Truck Engine
I stalled this in my LST2 after the Z28 Spec 3 died. This thing is a totally insane power house! Very easy to tune and way more power than you need for any 1/8th scale vehicle! You can raise up your gearing for insane top speeds or stick with stock for infinite wheelies. I actually backed off my slipper to make the truck more drivable as the front end never wants to stay on the ground at any speed. I never ran anything higher than 20% nitro in it and have been totally pleased.)