YS Engines 96SRX Tareq Helicopter Engine

YS Engines 96SRX Tareq Helicopter Engine
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The YS96 SRX Tareq engine has been a collaboration between YS Engines of Japan, and Tareq Alsaadi. Looking to further improve on the impressive performance of the YS 91 SRX, YS and Tareq spent many hours of R&D to bring the 96 to the table. With the co-op, YS has landed with the highest power 90 sized engine to date. 

Key Features:
  • Larger Cylinder Head for Improved Cooling
  • Improved Porting of Sleeve
  • Counterbalanced Crankshaft for Excellent Balance at all RPM's
  • Proven pressurized regulator and fuel injection system for a superior throttle response
  • Steel lined back plate to reduce drag for more power

Type: 2-stroke helicopter engine
Displacement: 0.96 cu. in. (15.75 cc)
Bore: 1.06 in (27.0mm)
Stroke: 1.08 in (27.5mm)
Cylinders: Single
Total Weight: 19.5 oz (565 g)
RPM Range: 2,000–17,000

Verified Owner
Monday, Nov 6 2017 (about 3 years ago)
YS Engines 96SRX Tareq Helicopter Engine
I really enjoy this engine, it makes tons of power and idles and runs really well. I find the tuning to be quite predictable, I did find it really likes enya 5 plugs and the needle settings are a lot different from the manual, but thats okay. I can't expect a small carberated engine to have the same settings in all different environments. Overall it's a very good engine and has brought me many enjoyable flights!
Verified Owner
Thursday, Sep 10 2020 (4 months ago)
YS Engines 96SRX Tareq Helicopter Engine
Ahh 96 srx I loved you and hated you all at the same time.

So, I’ve owned two of these motors. The first one I purchased was my first ys motor I ever owned after a OS 105 I had for years. The first problem is the manual gives needle settings that are way too lean for break in. The only safe break in settings on the ys 96 or 91 is 3 complete turns open from
Closed on both needles. After you get lucky enough to find that out life with these motors is much easier. The fist 96 I purchased and broke in as normal very rich and flew it for about a month maybe 3-4 gallons and the connection rod snapped on me and it’s fragments went thru the motor and fried the motor. I was def discouraged and I called that clown “space monkey” at ys and he pretty much offered no help and offered to rebuild the motor for a price. Bottom line with YS motors don’t expect any support like that. “Space monkey” is a Moron and your better off just learning how to rebuild your own motors. After this I decided to try again and just purchase another 96 new. I did so and the second one I owned did well and lasted me a full year before it needed a rebuild. In conclusion I surmise that the fist 96 I had was the result of bad factory QC and was just my luck of the draw. One key thing With ys motors are they will not handle a lean run as well as a OS will. A momentary lean run on a YS usually at the bare minimum requires a new piston ring and head gasket usually. Ring will be shinny and head gasket will have chunks missing. Other then all that this motor Pulled like a freight train and IMO ys motors (91 and 96) rock and will actually pull a bit harder then a 105 but you need to know how to tune and understand that they don’t like even the slightest learn run. If you buy one of these motors open both needles 3 turns for break in and tune it from there and don’t run it lean and it will run hard for a long time (as long as you got A Good connection rod!)
Verified Owner
Monday, Jan 6 2020 (about a year ago)
YS Engines 96SRX Tareq Helicopter Engine
Great engine. If you get into nitro not knowing how to tune an engine without blowing it up, don’t blame the engine.

I ran a gallon through nice and rich to be safe (2.5 turns out from closed), and then leaned a few clicks after that to a slightly leaner tune to get temps up a touch. After several heat cycles, I was ready to rock. This thing is a power house, and I’ve had zero issues starting or otherwise. Tuning is pretty involved, so if you don’t know what you’re doing get someone that does to help out.

Don’t nuke your engine by leaning it out too much. If you do, please don’t blame the engine.
Verified Owner
Friday, Apr 5 2019 (about a year ago)
YS Engines 96SRX Tareq Helicopter Engine
This motor is a headache. It can make decent power if you constantly keep up on motors tightness on parts. Ive had nothing but problems with this motor and no one will step up and do something about it. I will fly it until it burns up or conrod wears down to nothing from backplate and I will then go back to os motors. Save yourself the headache and buy o.s
Verified Owner
Thursday, Mar 28 2019 (about a year ago)
YS Engines 96SRX Tareq Helicopter Engine
Do your research because with this engine you are gambling with you money! I purchase mine and do to a bad regulator for the factory it blew the piston twice. Amain says all warranties for ys go through the company. Richard from YS said if it’s the regulator he will fix it but I still have to pay for parts. So in the end everyone points the finger at the other guy but I’m stuck with the bill. Do yourself a favor and buy OS engines.