Yeah Racing Type A Aluminum Transmitter Steering Wheel Set (Silver)

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Yeah Racing Type A Aluminum Transmitter Steering Wheel Set (Silver)
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Yeah Racing Type A Aluminum Transmitter Steering Wheel Set. This optional steering wheel is great for adding clean style to your KO PROPO, Sanwa, Flysky or Futaba Transmitter. This wheel features a disk brake with rotor that can be seen behind the split spoke aluminum wheel. Package includes one steering wheel set.

  • KO PROPO - EX-1, EX-2, EX-RR, EX-LDT(KIY), EX-5 and EX-10
  • Sanwa - MT-S, MT-44 and M17
  • FLYSKY - NB4
  • Futaba - All Surface (Except Stick Radio)

This product was added to our catalog on November 2, 2021

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Tuesday, Apr 5 2022 (3 months ago)
Yeah Racing Type A Aluminum Transmitter Steering Wheel Set (Silver)
I’d had a previous transmitter that I felt looked nice but wasn’t great. Eventually, I’d upgraded to an NB4 and while I love it, I missed the look of my previous transmitter so I ordered this.

One thing about this is just the overall feel of it. Being milled out of aluminum, you think it should feel much heavier but it’s super light. The foam included with the kit is very nice feeling and a bigger improvement over the stock NB4 wheel. Comparing the original to this wheel, the wheel in this kit is slightly narrower but larger than the stock NB4 wheel while the foam is MILES better being more like wetsuit neoprene than whatever EVA foam FlySky uses.

There are three adapters for each of the more popular transmitters of the market, each marked for easy identification (ie F for Futaba, K for KO Proppo) EXCEPT for the Sanwa/NB4 “square drive” adapter.

Assembling the kit is REALLY easy. Simply remove the screw holding your old wheel in place, then remove the old wheel from the snout and replace it all starting with the correct adapter (tightened using the original screw), then the brake disc oriented in the direction YOU want and then attach the wheel over the adapter using the supplied screws and 1.5mm wrench. The best part is the wheel is machined to fit directly over the adapter to ease the strain on the screws, something that many buying this kit might believe from just looking at the pictures.

One tip when assembling the wheel onto the adapter: use a bit of wax or grease on the threads of the screws and tighten them all in a “star” pattern. Be careful though when mounting the adapter as you can do some irreparable damage to your transmitter if you cross thread or damage the snout.

While I love this kit and it makes my transmitter look super cool, there are some things about the kit I can live with but bug me.

The fit of the adapters feel too loose. Not a big issue but for those that like a super taught feel to the transmitter, it may bug them but it’s something that can be remedied by tightening the main screw down on the snout.

Speaking of the adapters, there are some reports from others that the adapters break off. Not a big deal as a bunch of different companies sell adapters if you need new ones. Others have reported that the adapters can snap the snout. Both are mostly an issue of over-torquing the steering wheel, for example like a kid turning the wheel past its limit thinking they’ll get more steering out of it and snapping the snout. Either will happen if you do that. Another thing that can cause the snout breaking is over-tightening your transmitter screw or cross threading the screw into the snout. Please avoid doing this as you can destroy your very expensive transmitter easily!

One tip to avoid damaging the snout from cross threading is to turn counter-clockwise S L O W L Y until you feel a “click” where the threads will align and you can then begin tightening from there. Using a dab of grease or wax on the screw can aid in preventing over-tightening but is not a guarantee.

The last, pretty specific issue I have is how on my NB4, the wheel sits SUPER close to the body of the transmitter that I worry the new wheel may dig into the body in time, despite the wheel in this kit being narrower. It’s an easy fix but it’s a matter of finding a washer or shim that’ll fit between the adapter and the transmitter snout. Or I could find REALLY small washers to fit under the screws holding the wheel onto the adapter. Again, super easy fix to cure a rather OCD aesthetic issue.

All in all, I’m happy with the kit. So to anyone reading this and wondering “should I get one?”: the only question you’ll have to ask yourself is what color you’re buying it in! Lol

*For those wondering, Yeah Racing does sell the brake discs individually if you prefer the look of an all-silver wheel but want blue instead of red. A much more cost effective solution than buying two kits just for the blue brakes.