Yeah Racing 4mm & 5mm Bullet Angled Connector Set

Yeah Racing 4mm & 5mm Bullet Angled Connector Set
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This is the Yeah Racing Angled Type Connector Set, including both 4mm and 5mm male bullet connectors to suit your preference.

These angled connectors are easy to install and can be used on your charge leads, or ESC, to maintain low profile wiring over your batteries.

The connectors also feature a plastic shielding to help prevent any accidental short circuits. Colored o-rings are also included; simply slide them over your wire to easily identify polarity. 


  • (2) Plastic Housing
  • (2) Wire Attaching
  • (2) 4mm Plugs
  • (2) 5mm Plugs
  • (2) O-Rings
Thursday, Apr 9 2020 (about a year ago)
Yeah Racing 4mm & 5mm Bullet Angled Connector Set
I picked up a couple sets of these when I saw them at my LHS to try out on my new TLR 22 5.0 Elite and Tekno EB410.2 kits. I like the overall idea because one thing Ive never liked since I picked up my new Tekno buggy, truggy and SCT kits and 4 Protek 6500mah 4s packs was how it always felt like I was going to break the wire off of the bullet connectors any time I was unplugging a battery, as these were the first batteries I owned at that time that used bullet connectors. With the low profile style connectors I use the only thing to grab onto qhen unplugging them is the wire until the bullet is at least half way out, exposing enough to grab it with my fat oversized fingers haha. I never broke anything, but I would have to replace the heat shrink every once in a while and resolder some of the connections every once in a while as the insulation would start looking pretty rough.

With these connectors, removing the leads from the battery is much easier, and because you are pulling on the connector housing itself, there is no strain put on the wire or solder joints etc. Because I always like to make up all my esc and battery wires using all black wire, it would be nice, and make sense to me if one of the plastic housings was red and the other black, rather than marking them with a + and - sign thats really hard to see. I just put a red o-ring or a 1/4" long piece of red wire insulation that I cut off the end of some red 10 guage wire I had then I slide them over the positive lead before I soldered the connector on so there is an obvious difference between the + and -.

Lastly I can see that some hard core racers wouldnt like these, and if I were building a dedicated track/racing rig I probably wouldnt use them either because of the fact that the bullet portion screw into the part of the connector part that is soldered to the wire, creating an additional connection point that could add resistance between the battery and ESC if they became loose or dirty.... Also they are physically pretty big and could cause clearance issues on certain vehicles and Im sure some of the stock racers out there would say they add too much weight. Im pretty sure on my Tekno EB48.4 the body would have clearance issues anytime I use my 48mm tall Protek 6500mah packs which is a pretty common size for 1/8 buggies. I do plan on installing them on all of my other vehicles that are equipped with the 5mm bullet to battery connectors that wouldnt have clearance problems like the truggies, short course and monster trucks, plus any future rigs will probably get them too. I simply prefer these over the standard bullet connectors that Ive been using because they look nicer, and mostly because they are so much easier to unplug with big fingers haha.
Verified Owner
Monday, Apr 5 2021 (2 weeks ago)
Yeah Racing 4mm & 5mm Bullet Angled Connector Set
Fit perfect, soldered easily. Caps are polarity is clearly marked , included orings seal the deal. Put the orings on the posts last!
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 24 2021 (4 weeks ago)
Yeah Racing 4mm & 5mm Bullet Angled Connector Set
HECK YEAH RACING! Clean up your setup with these! You only need these if you use 2s shorty type lipo.
Verified Owner
Friday, Jun 5 2020 (10 months ago)
Yeah Racing 4mm & 5mm Bullet Angled Connector Set
Pros: Works as advertised.

Cons: None at the moment

Recommendation: I figured this out later but the red and black o-rings should be placed on your wire leads prior to soldering them in place. I also highly recommend not soldering your leads at and angle on the tabs because you won't be able to seat the o-rings correctly. You will thank me later.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Nov 29 2018 (about 2 years ago)
Yeah Racing 4mm & 5mm Bullet Angled Connector Set
Not cheap for just some cable ends but they work well, They solder on very solidly and the build quality is excellent. Super easy to grip.

Note: I did not use these on a car I used them on custom made charging cables, I think they are just to heavy for a car.