Wilga PZL-104 950mm PNP Airplane by EasySky Enterprise

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Frederick, MD

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This product was added to our catalog on April 16, 2015.

This is the EasySky Wilga PZL-104 950mm PNP Airplane. The Wilga PZL-104 is a great EPO foam material with FRP (Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics) constructed park flyer designed for stable flight and a few extra crashes. Being suitable for beginners, the Wilga features a unique spring mounted motor mount/propeller protector to help prevent crash damage, as well as a reinforced nose and spring loaded landing gear. But don't think this is just a beginner plane, the Wilga can also perform aerobatics to suit developing skills or advanced pilots. 

This PNP model does require some assembly, but includes installed servos, an installed electronic speed controller and installed motor. Also included is a 2S 1000mAh LiPo battery and battery balance charger. The only required items are a 4-channel transmitter and receiver radio system. 


  • Unique motor mount/propeller protector
  • Great flying stability, excellent for beginners
  • High absorbent landing gear system
  • Steering tail wheel
  • Easy access battery through cabin door

Wingspan: 37.4in (950mm)
Length: 26.69in (678mm)
Flying weight: 12.7oz(360g)
ESC: 15A Brushless
Servos: 8g x1; 6g x2 speed micro servos
Battery: 7.4V 1000mAh 15C
Motor: Brushless 2226/2300KV
Control System: 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver (not included)
Assembly: Yes, about 30 minutes

Needed To Complete:

  • 4-channel transmitter and receiver radio system; Recommended: EasySky F-4 Radio System (EZSY-3019).
James Donohue
Friday, May 15 2015 (about 2 years ago)
EasySky Enterprise Wilga PZL-104 950mm PNP Airplane
I can’t say enough good things about this airplane!

At the time I bought it I was still earning my 4 ch wings. The HZ Sport Cub S w/safe was a big help there. Being a take offs, landings, flaps, and bush/stol fan, the Wilga has always called to me. Yikes! am I pleased with this plane. One of my tests is to put the plane in a vertical climb until it runs out of speed then chop the throttle and let go of the sticks. The high wing, slight dihedral, and low hanging mains help this plane right itself and settle into a nice glide. I have my flaps on a 2 position switch with a servo reducer which really tames deployment. I do not have elevator mixed in. Instant full flaps is where you get “ ballooning”. Onlookers at the park tell me I’m really good with this thing…little do they know how green I am!

Build/mod tips. Loose the springy “ankles” and you have a ready axle for bigger wheels. I stubbed on a piece of 5/32 brass tubing to use the Dubro diamond tread 2 ¾ tires with 4mm axle holes. They look and work really well. I also removed the tail wheel spring and braced it with a cf spar. Most of my batteries and ESCs (deans) have a small loop of ribbon attached with makes separation a no-jolt affair. Black ¼ inch (eBay) is what I use, ca the ribbon, wind with thread, more ca. I’ve tried a GWS 3 blade 7 X 3.5 with similar performance using a standard prop adapter. I just don’t care for prop savers and o-rings. You can pop off the end cap of the OEM prop very easily to use a prop adapter. Screwdriver inside, tap on table, voila!

I run an Orange RX with gyros but this plane is soooo stable it really doesn’t need it. Lemon has a similar but even smaller RX like this. RX size is no issue…you could put a piano inside! The RX is on a little platform I added inside the huge cabin. The servo reducer is a must have. Ground manners are superb. The wide mains angled forward means it never wants to nose, or tip over. The tail wheel is steerable. The large side door means I never have to remove the wing, battery (2s 1000) changes are a snap. I drive a small suv and this plane is an easy in and out via the side doors. Again, no wing removal. One field I fly in is some open ground and many man-sized bushes. Coming in with partial flaps and sticking the landings is a hoot! I use full flaps only to kill some airspeed on approach. Full power take-offs are…brisk, under 10 feet without flaps! Steep climb out too. Both can be nice and scale like too, when I have more room. CG on this

I now have the Wilga, Skyeasy, B17 (wow!) and P38 (wow!) from Easysky. Some of the very best bang-for-buck airplanes period. Amain (hats off to Graham) has been great too.

I’ll be back….(slight Bavarian accent)
Jim Donohue
Ps. Since I saw little chance of the "pantlegs" staying in place, I glued them on and did an upper and lower wrap of thread about 1/4 wide, coated in ca. I had red on hand but you could probably find orange. I glued mine at the fusalage joint but I'd leave that unglued next time. Too much stress and flex right there.)