VIR-TUS Tuned Certified Pre-Run .12 On-Road Engine (Turbo) (Ceramic) by Novarossi

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This is the Novarossi VIR-TUS Tuned 3-Port .12 Certified Pre-Run On-Road Engine, with Ceramic Bearings. Developed for drivers that demand the best. The VIR-TUS takes Novarossi's recent engine advancements and packs them into a .12 size powerhouse. The VIR-TUS features Novrossi's offset carburetor and narrow inner race bearing, and combines them with an EFRA/IFMAR legal 3-port sleeve, a slugged and ramped tuned crankshaft and an Evo 2 type cooling head that provides the power needed to compete at the highest level of competition.

Novarossi Certified Pre-Run Engines
Novarossi Certified Pre-Run engines are brand new engines that have been fired-up and run by a trained Novarossi factory professional. The engines are bench run for a period of time to assist in the break-in process, as well as to check for any mechanical flaws or running issues. Once finished, each engine receives a new glow plug and engine data (such as RPM) are recorded and documented on the included certificate. Note: Although the engines are pre-run, they are not ready for a race tune. It is recommended to run 3-4 tanks through your pre-run engine before leaning it out for a race tune.


  • Cooling Head: The "Lighter & Lower Evolution 2" type of cooling head. It is drilled and milled out to reduce the mass of the cooling head which sits high up in the car and thereby lowering the Center of Gravity of the engine/car. The use of 6 screws instead of 4 ensures a better seal between the sleeve, head button and the crankcase.          
  • Sleeve: This Piston/Sleeve set is optimized for use in EFRA/IFMAR competition events, with a hard chromed brass 3-port sleeve.           
  • Crankshaft: This is a special Tuned Crankshaft. Made to meet even the highest standards of the most demanding drivers. Slightly reduced rotational mass and greatly improved fuel flow provide great performance.          
  • Carburetor: The offset carburetor position is patented and provides improved flow through the crankase's intake, delivering improved fuel efficiency and a better power curve.
  • Conrod: The conrod is made from super light & super strong aluminum to make the lightest and strongest possible conrod that can stand up to the abuse of a .12 racing engine.
  • Backplate: This backplate uses with a special steel insert to reduce friction and wear when the conrod touches it. The round shape reduces the dead space inside the engine.    
  • Rear ball bearing: The design of the rear bearing features a narrow inner race, reducing the inertia of the rotating mass and increasing the engine's scavenging ability. The bearing, combined with the re-designed case provide increased throttle response and higher top speeds.
  • Venturi: This Alloy venturi is specially shaped to minimize boundry layer build up. With this special shape it will maximize the performance potential of your engine.

Recommended Tuned Pipes: NVR51611, NVR51614, NVR51615
Recommended Tuned Manifolds: NVR41615, NVR41616, NVR41617

Recommended Glow Plug:

  • C5TGF: For ambient temperature - 32F/50F (0C/15C)
  • C6TGF: For ambient temperature - 50F/104F (10C/40C)

Displacement: 2.1 cc
R.P.M. (max power): 43,500 RPM
Practical Range: 6,000-45,000 R.P.M.
Bore x Stroke: 13.70x14.25 mm
Sleeve: 3 ports
Rear Ball Bearings: Ceramic
Front Ball Bearings: Ceramic
Crankshaft: 11.9mm - tuned - turbo
Carburetor: Aluminum - 6.5 mm - slide
Glowplug: Turbo (C6TGF)
Exhaust Position: Rear
Weight: 232 g
Fuel Type: 16% nitro

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