Vario Lightweight Air Flow 3 Shoe Adjustable Clutch (2 Ergal/1 Carbon) by Fioroni

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This is the Fioroni "Vario" Lightweight Air Flow 3 Shoe Adjustable Clutch System. The famous "Vario" clutch system has been re-designed, in a lightweight, self ventilating flywheel configuration. Made from Ergal 7075 aluminum, and anodized Gold to distinguish it from the other Vario models. The flywheel on this clutch design has been milled to reduce weight, for increased acceleration. Additionally, the design allows a propeller action to be created, which will help to keep the clutch components cool and help to cycle air throughout the chassis providing the engine with fresh air.

The principal characteristic of the Vario three shoe clutch design, more than its quality, is related to the ability to adjust its working characteristics without changing springs like on standard clutches. Rotate the tightening cap that closes the clutch to obtain two optional positions that increase or decrease the spring preload and the clutch working curve.

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Alex Rewun
Verified Owner
Monday, Feb 22 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Fioroni Vario Lightweight Air Flow 3 Shoe Adjustable Clutch (2 Ergal/1 Carbon)
I also found the clutch to work best on the third setting. My original clutch bell wasn't deep enough to fully cover the clutch shoes, but replacing it with a Fioroni bell solved the problem. I would reccomend buying a Fioroni clutch bell when buying this clutch. The performance is well worth the price and the "fan blades" offer more grip on starter boxes making it easier to break in high compression engines. This is an excellent product and the employees at Fioroni are very helpful and friendly. There is no down side to this clutch, eccept the sorrow that insues after the first scrach blemishes it's anodizing. -//- This thing is absurdly light! When holding it, you would think it's made of plastic or wood, it seems too light to be made of any metal! Even if you don't own a nitro car I would still reccomend buying one just to look at. After a hard day at work, looking at this clutch soothes and calms me. Could also set new fasion trend by wearing one around your neck!! Oh, it works as well as promised too!)
John Gay
Monday, Sep 19 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Fioroni Vario Lightweight Air Flow 3 Shoe Adjustable Clutch (2 Ergal/1 Carbon)
I've had no issues at all with this clutch, very smooth & linear in #2. The shoes are still in great shape after @7 race weekends which is amazing.

-- I have a RC8 and the AE clutchbell does not cover the clutch shoes. I got the fioroni bell... if you get the fioroni bell it takes 5x12 bearings not the 5x13 mentioned in amain's description. 5x12's are NOT easy to find but they last 4x longer than 5x10's.)
kevin vendeville
Tuesday, Aug 23 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Fioroni Vario Lightweight Air Flow 3 Shoe Adjustable Clutch (2 Ergal/1 Carbon)
The biggest mistake I ever made was buying this clutch setup. It would not stay in the 3rd position and slipped out twice causing me to lose a heat and a main. Total bummer considering the price tag. I thought that maybe I had either assembled it wrong or didn't have it tight enough so I rebuilt it before the next race weekend and tested it at home. It didn't matter because it happened again and before I raced next I switched back to the original clutch and have had no DNF's since. I ended up selling it on eBay and took a huge loss because it sold for less than half what I paid for it. My money would have been better spent on stock parts or on Answer clutch shoes. Those of you who have not heard of the Answer clutch shoes should check it out. The shoes have built in washers and come with 3 different spring sets in .9, 1.0, and 1.1 and they last a long time. And with a price tag of around $15 make a great value.)
matt hauck
Wednesday, May 26 2010 (about 6 years ago)
Fioroni Vario Lightweight Air Flow 3 Shoe Adjustable Clutch (2 Ergal/1 Carbon)
I am running the Fioroni Lightweight Vario on my B5/2057 & MBX6. After a gallon of engine break-in on the street, and finishing up on the track, the shoes show practically no signs of wear! Even the carbon shoe hasnt started rolling over! Its a really good setup!

I know others have posted differently, but I would highly recommend setting it up in the #2 position, unless the track surface has tons of traction. I had it on the #3 position (stiffest), on a dry/loose track and the car was a handful. Switched it to the #2 position (took less than 5 minutes to make the change), and it was dialed! I am really happy with this clutch!

I used Ascendancy 13T and 14T Clutch Bells (only cause the Fioroni's were out of stock at the time), and they worked perfectly in my MBX6.)
Robert Rosenkranz
Saturday, Mar 20 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Fioroni Vario Lightweight Air Flow 3 Shoe Adjustable Clutch (2 Ergal/1 Carbon)
Ohh - forgot to mention the flywheel is 35mm in diameter - and fits most clutch bells - I used the OFNA vented and the HB vented bells and they lined up and meshed up perfectly. -//- Light is an understatement - it feels almost not real. I bought and tried this clutch at the PNB in GA in March 2010 - After breaking it in and getting a good bite - I opted to change the spring tension to the top setting (3). It gave me a nice sweeping feel in the turns and then when on the throttle is never let loose. It also gave me move control in rolling a turn then a stock 3 shoe setup. In addition, the flywheel pull air across the lower part of your engine. I was able to turn my low side down to a point where I was just spinning the tires in the turn and had to richen the low said. I had more power at lower temps - I was running at 200 - 210 all day with much more HP. And after the first half gallon - the bearings stayed together (Of course new bearing changed for the main) but looked good.

There is also a tension block that starts at 3 and goes up to 5 if you really need that much punch or have that heavy of a vehicle.

I would get another one - no questions asked.)
brook campbell
Thursday, Aug 25 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Fioroni Vario Lightweight Air Flow 3 Shoe Adjustable Clutch (2 Ergal/1 Carbon)
Well I thank you for the up-date on this clutch it looks like a great & tuff clutch, what did engine I have a 3.3 for my jato.
But I thank you I was going to buy it)