Trinity Monster Carbon Power Supply (12V/75A/900W)

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Trinity Monster Carbon Power Supply (12V/75A/900W)
Price: $82.99
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The Team Trinity Monster Carbon Power Supply is a small, light and powerful companion for high power charger needs.

Amps: 75
Watts: 900
12" x 3.5" x 1.5"
2 - 4mm. 1 - 5mm
USA 3 Prong Power Cord
Custom Trinity Revtech Black Carbon Wrap

This product was added to our catalog on January 30, 2019

Monday, Jul 1 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Trinity Monster Carbon Power Supply (12V/75A/900W)
Just so people reading this review are aware, I am posting a similar review under the Motiv Power Brick Power Supply listing. If you read someone’s review on the Motiv power supply page, you will, you will find them suggesting you avoid that product (which, in essence, is attempting to insinuate that the Team Trinity power supply might be better. The TRUTH is, both of these pawer supplies are, essentially, the same…BOTH are made from recycled computer server power supplies. This is no different than other similar power supplies, such as those available from RL Power. Yes, the Team Trinity power supply outputs more Amps, and a higher wattage, but only because it’s a larger (ie. longer) power supply. For power supplies of this type, there are a few things all purchasers should be aware of:

1) Because these are used server power supplies, these “reconditioned” RC power supplies typically come with only a 30-day warranty.
LIE – If it doesn’t come with at least a 1-year warranty, the manufacturer doesn’t even truth it, they won’t back up their product, themselves, and, thus it should be avoided.
TRUTH – Because the product being sold contains a used product, and the company reconditioning/re-purposing the power supply into an RC power supply, didn’t manufacture that internal components, they, by law, can’t warranty the electronic components. That being said, they offer what is, essentially, a “good faith” warranty (be it 30-day, 60-day, or whatever), even though they are not required to. They have fairly thoroughly tested the server power supply, to make certain it passes specific tests, and only those units passing said tests are reconditioned into RC power supplies.

2) RC power supplies of this type are always inexpensive (at least compared to high-end power supplies, containing new internal electronics, such as those sold my Junsi), as server power supplies are inexpensive. Added to that is the fact that they are purchased, in bulk, at even deeper discounted prices (probably less than half the selling prices of the “new”/reconditioned RC power supply…but, not all purchased used server power supplies are reconditioned/converted into RC power supplies, as many of those purchased will fail the testing process.
LIE – Because these are made from used server power supplies, they are bad, not worth the money, and should be avoided.
TRUTH – The fact that these RC power supplies contain used server power supplies is NOT necessarily a bad thing, as they can easily last several years. Unlike home PC power supplies, which are NOT designed to run continuously, server power supplies ARE designed to run continuously, thus they are designed to have a VERY long life. A lot of companies (ie. IBM, Dell, etc) lease servers, which the leasing companies tend to upgrade every few years. These are the servers these power supplies come from…the percentage of remaining life in them is typically in the 50-75% range.

3) A lot of people equate the amount of money spent with how “good” a product is, as well as how long said product will last.
LIE – Power supplies like these must be ‘cheap’ quality’, thus another reason to not purchase them.
TRUTH – Whether the server power supply inside is ‘great’, ‘good’, or even ‘just ok’, it should NOT matter. Considering the price paid, and the expected life-span, you will, in the long-run, spend less on a few of these, than you would on some “high-end” expensive power supply. On top of that, you are helping the environment by purchasing this type of power supply, as all the power supplies that went into making these RC power supplies could have just ended up in some landfill.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Mar 31 2019 (about 3 years ago)
Trinity Monster Carbon Power Supply (12V/75A/900W)
Decent power supply but I would recommend the Motiv due to the fact that the Motiv has the plastic guarding around the power ports. My Trinity says it comes with 4 4mm and 2 5mm ports. Mine came with 6 4 mm ports. But it does what it’s supposed.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Dec 26 2020 (about a year ago)
Trinity Monster Carbon Power Supply (12V/75A/900W)
Works great and like the size. No issues charging or running my tire sander.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Nov 26 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Trinity Monster Carbon Power Supply (12V/75A/900W)
I will update a follow up review about performance. But just wanted to state that my power supply did NOT come with 5mm ports on it. It came with (6) 4mm bullet ports.

Bricked 1/10/2020.