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TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station

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This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. It has been replaced by DTXR0950.
Low Price: $79.99
Discontinued Online
This is the TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station. At home or at the track or field, the TK-950 Soldering Station is the right tool for many jobs. Superior electronics ensure long-lasting performance; the slender, insulated handle provides comfortable control. It heats up quickly to the selected temperature within a wide 392-896F range, and holds that setting within 1.8F while idle. Two tips are included: a chisel point that increases surface contact for stronger joints, and a pencil tip for precise applications.

  • High-quality electronics ensure that the TK950 delivers professional results and dependable service for any hobby application or household project.
  • Heavy-duty 60 watt design.
  • Heats up quickly to selected temperature, and holds settings within 1.8F (1C).
  • Slender, insulated handle for comfortable grip.
  • Includes chisel point tip and pencil tip.
  • Also comes with iron stand, sponge and vinyl wrap.
  • Unparalleled 5-year warranty on the unit, 1 year on the iron handle's electronics.
Dimensions: 4.7x3.7x2.8" (120x93x70mm)
Weight: 2.9 lb (1315 g)
Power: 60W
Temperature Range: 392-896F (200-480C)
Requirements: Solder
Max Input Voltage: 120V AC

This product was added to our catalog on May 27, 2011

Monday, Feb 12 2018 (about a year ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
Great Iron..... But unfortunatley I will not buy the third time. the first lasted about 4 months before the iron fell apart. the heat deteriorates the plastic retainer and it will just fall apart,on a hakko this part could be replaced, trak power does not sell it separate, so you can buy a replacement for $60 or you can buy the whole kit for $80. I bought another and it lasted a year. same thing happened. Just ordered a hakko athat has good replacement parts available.

update for about $30 you can buy the replacement parts for a haako fx-888 and they fit like a glove, I only know this becuase i just bought an fx-888 and switched the parts around before i threw this iron away. looks like ill be resurecting the tk-950 to use at work. with the hakko parts I doubt it will fail again

hakko part numbers

Verified Owner
Monday, Sep 5 2011 (about 8 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
this iron is great. it doesnt take up much space in my pit bag, its quick to heat up, the iron is ergonomic, it gets hot enough to complete just about any soldering job in a few seconds. my only qualm is with the included sponge, it is totally puny but luckily you can get a 4 pack for nice cellulose sponges for a buck. it has saved me at the track a couple of times and more than a bunch of people at the track!
Verified Owner
Monday, Nov 11 2013 (about 5 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
This is a great iron for the money. It heats up quick and holds it temp well. The biggest thing I have had to solder up is my RX8 Gen 2 on my 4WD SC and it did fine. I have had an issue with mine though. It started cutting off on me and I would have to play with the pins on the cord from the iron. I tried to straighten up the connectors so it would have a good connection but it did not work. Luckily, mine was less than a year old, so I sent it back for repair and they sent me a brand new unit. I do not think I caused this issue at all, but I was extremely careful the second time when I connected the iron to the station. If I had it to do over again, I would more than likely spend the extra money and get the Hakko system but I feel the TK-950 system is great for the average RC person like myself but I definitely got aggravated with it when it was cutting on and off on me. That's why I would probably buy the Hakko unit now.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 7 2012 (about 7 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
this is the most outstanding soldering system i have ever used you cant count to 30 and this thing is ready to used at 750 degrees great soldering tips they hold the solder very nicely 10 out of 10 stars for me.i would tell everyone in this hobby to get one.
Verified Owner
Friday, Oct 12 2012 (about 7 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
It's a good product, but beware that it's underpowered for 6S battery connector soldering.
Friday, Feb 1 2019 (9 months ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
Awesome soldering iron. It even looks cool with stickers you have to apply. It heats up very fast and solders very easy. This is the right tool for the job. I would highly recommend.

The only con i have is the red power light only is on when the iron is heating. Therefor it can be on without the red light shinning. just something to think about because it could be easy to leave on.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Oct 21 2017 (about 2 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
I went from a plain old soldering iron to this full station. I have to say it's a night and day difference. This iron heats up fast and maintains heat well. I haven't had any trouble so far with it. This was one of the best purchases I have made, spend the money and get one.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 3 2017 (about 2 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
Happy. Makes soldering so much easier,using a quality iron. I hope it lasts. So far it has been great ! I was buying the 7 dollor irons and the tips just burn away even with proper use and practice.
Saturday, Jul 30 2016 (about 3 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
Mine failed after only a couple of years of occasionally soldering connectors or motors. Before it failed it did work very well. Before ordering a new one I decided to get the multimeter out and see if I could find the problem. Turned out to be the power cord. One of the wires in the cord broke. When I dissected the wire the break in the copper in the insulation was a good 2mm which would explain why even when I messed with the cord it wouldn't contact. In my opinion the cord is low quality. An easy fix but one that shouldn't be needed.
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 7 2016 (about 3 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
Soldered an EC5 connector the day it arrived. Had some solder spill out on the connector, turned the iron back on to clean up the excess solder and the iron would not heat up at all, very disappointed.
Tuesday, Dec 1 2015 (about 3 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
This is an excellent soldering station! If you are looking for a quality soldering station that get's hot!!! This is it!
It's perfect! And for the low price as well! A must have and better than I expected!
Friday, Jul 3 2015 (about 4 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
so easy to setup and use. affordable and powerful. perfect for rc and other uses. highly recommend
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jan 15 2015 (about 4 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
this was my 1st real soldering station i've had. i do love it it might be going on 2 years. in the 1st 2 months the pen gave out around the locking ring,just like someone else said on here.heat was to much for the end ring ,straight up and down work.i clean this every time i use it. found away to temp fix this. zip tie the ring and base of the pen u might get though .wish they would sell parts to the pen?????????? think was going to cost 75.00 for the wand, might as well buy the whole thing??
Verified Owner
Friday, Jun 6 2014 (about 5 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
How about getting in replacement irons, they are available from TrakPower and I have a broken one here (cat knocked a text book onto the iron and it broke, fairly easily I might add). I used the iron once, and loved it!
Saturday, Sep 28 2013 (about 6 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
Great iron. Not much else to say except it does what it's intended and it does it without any issues whatsoever. I usually solder at 750 degrees and it takes seconds for the iron to get to that temperature. Very reasonable price for what you get.
Thursday, Feb 21 2013 (about 6 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
Best purchase for under $100.00. I have been using various irons for the past few years and this one make me realize how much time I could have saved. Heats up quick and holds heat through the process of anything you put it through. If you are wondering if you should get it...just do it, you wont be dissapointed.
Wednesday, Feb 20 2013 (about 6 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
I had a cheap radio shack iron I had such a hard time soldering, I get got this iron yesterday and wow soldering is so much easier. I put my solder through tests not one break.
Sunday, Feb 16 2014 (about 5 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
I just got this thing an it's bad ass best investment I got for my rc cars.I always used the cheapest soldier's for ever.its piece of cake now. .lol
Sunday, Sep 13 2015 (about 4 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
Overall it was a good unit when it worked. Heated up quickly. Mine died in less than 2 years, didn't save the receipt. So I bought a new iron for it; thinking/hoping that was the issue and it was not.

Be aware the replacement cost of the iron is $50, and it only has a 1 year warranty.(may as well buy a new unit)

I also think its a bit over priced when you can get a Weller that will out live this one by decades for less money.

To get a RMA, you will need the original receipt.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Aug 7 2013 (about 6 years ago)
TrakPower TK-950 Soldering Station
Mine fell apart after only being used five times. The pen broke where it threads together with the plastic handle.