"THE Car" 1/8 RTR Nitro Buggy by JQ Products w/2.4GHz Radio & .21 Engine

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This product was added to our catalog on January 14, 2016.

This is the JQ Products "THE Car" 1/8 Scale RTR Nitro Buggy with an included 2.4GHz Radio System, Savox Servos, a Pull-Start .21 Engine Nitro Engine. Add your own ignitor, glowplug, "AA" batteries and nitro fuel, and hit the track.

By clever design and production arrangements, JQ Products has been able to keep the specification of this vehicle high, and as close to the Pro version as possible. The servos and engine have been chosen based on their performance as well as their affordability. They wanted to make sure that the servos are strong and fast enough to be able to control the car, in a similar fashion to actual race cars with top of the line servos.

Many RTRs have so slow and weak servos, that they are hard to drive for even experienced racers. This is not the case with this RTR, as the SavŲx servos are strong and fast enough for the task. The engine is a standard pull-start RTR unit, and it has more than enough power for this super lightweight RTR, that only weights 3300g.


  • Pre-assembled kit
  • Includes Pull-start .21 engine
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter with adjustments
  • Equipped with Savox servos

Radio and Receiver: 2.4GHz, with EPA, Dual rate and Trim
Receiver Pack: 1200 NiMH
.21 Pull-start
Steering Servo:
SavŲx SC0253MG, 0,14sec/8kg all metal gear servo
Throttle/Brake Servo: SC0352, 0,13sec/6,5kg
Tires: Multi surface pre-glued tires on THE Wheel
Chassis: 4mm Aluminum
Body: Pre painted Lexan body
Front CVD Driveshaft, Rear Dog-bones
3-shoe clutch
Hard Anodized Shocks, 3.5mm shock shaft
Twin fiberglass brake disks
THE JQ Genius non-Patented Safety Switch

Needed To Complete:

  • Requires Glow Starter
  • (4) AA Batteries (for the Transmitter)
  • Standard Glowplug
  • RC Nitro Fuel
André Kriel
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 28 2016 (about a year ago)
JQ Products "THE Car" 1/8 RTR Nitro Buggy
One of the screws on the chassis came stripped. The front right shock body didnít have a spring spacer, so the spring was only held onto the shock body by the preload spacers. I had to sand the body around the engine head A LOT to get it to come off without a fight. Finally, the description says nothing about a charger included or needed, you need one for the receiver battery. The antenna wire comes a little out of the antenna cap.

You may have noticed I still gave it 5 stars with all these problems. If this was a Traxxas I would have gave it 3 stars. This isnít a Traxxas though and the fundamental strengths of the kit, for the money, is just outstanding.

I love how the body looked like a human cut it out and didnít fit 100% perfectly. I love how (some not all) the tires had ventilation holes punched in them(only something a true racer would do). The servos are very decent for a RTR. Savox SC-0253 metal gears. The air filter is also fantastic.

Itís the little things that make this kit so good. Like the amazing tank pull. No mountain of extra parts and tools; all your money basically go the engine, chassis, then the radio(Which is probably a rebranded slightly different layout version of the DX2E. The little, probably, $.02 piece of plastic that slides over the receiver switch to make 100% sure it stays switched on was also great. I love the way there are small air bubbles in some of the stickers(which btw are taken straight from your included sticker sheet) makes me happy.

All of the money in this car go to the fundamentals of a 1/8 nitro buggy. The weakest points are the tuned pipe and the shock bodies. EDIT: Buy an aluminum Steering horn. The stock one strips very quickly meshing plastic 25T splines on a metal servo gear.)
Wednesday, Jul 6 2016 (11 months ago)
JQ Products "THE Car" 1/8 RTR Nitro Buggy
it looks like the shock towers are plastic?it is black and is hard to see is aluminum.Yes ! i like the servos maybe the manufacturer can also throw in a JQ t-shirt hehehe! ..just trying ..
But i will definitely buy this in a months time..$$$ is not easy.Thanks for the T-shirt ...hehehe)