Tekin Redline T8 GEN3 4038 1/8 Truggy Competition Brushless Motor (2250kV)

Tekin Redline T8 GEN3 4038 1/8 Truggy Competition Brushless Motor (2250kV)
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This is the Tekin Redline T8 GEN3 4038 Can, 2250kv Brushless Sensored Motor, made specifically for 1/8 Truggy use. Tekin's T8 GEN3 racing motors are racing performance defined. With a stronger rotor, updated stack features and lower resistance, the T8 GEN3 motors are a versatile, unmatched and advanced power delivery system. Relentless amounts of torque and power are at your disposal with industry-leading RC motor technology. Coupled with an RX8 GEN3 (TEKTT2302) utilizing Tekin's D2 Dual Drive Technology, the T8 GEN3 packs efficiency and precise control through the entire RPM range.


  • CNC Machined 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum Ribbed Heatsink Can
  • Matte Anodized for Maximum Corrosion Resistance
  • ​Sensored and Sensorless Operation
  • ​Low Resistance HD Solder Tabs
  • ​Rebuildable Design
  • ​Solderless Sensor PCB Replacement
  • ​4-Pole Neodymium Sintered Magnet
  • ​Dual-Plug Sensor Wire Harness
  • ​ABEC5 Precision High Speed Oversized Bearings
  • ​Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion
  • ​Designed to be paired with the RX8 GEN3 ESC
  • ​ROAR Approved
  • Recommended for 1/8 truggy and 1/8 monster truck applications


  • Input Voltage: (recommended kV for each popular voltage)
    • 4S: 2250kV / 2000kV
    • 5S: 1700kV / 1550kV
    • 6S: 1350kv
  • Weight: 368g / 13oz
  • Shaft Dimensions: 5mm (.125") x 19mm
  • Motor Diameter: 40mm / 1.57" (42mm / 1.65" including fin)
  • Motor Length: 77mm / 3.03"
  • Bearing Dimensions: Front: 5 x 16 x 5mm / Rear: 5 x 11 x 5mm
  • Rotor Size: 18.5mm
  • Rebuildable: Yes
Saturday, Sep 12 2020 (6 months ago)
Tekin Redline T8 GEN3 4038 1/8 Truggy Competition Brushless Motor (2250kV)
I grabbed my first one of these with my Tekno ET48.3 along with the RX8 gen 3 a couple years ago. I ran the crap out of it probably 5 packs a day, 5 days axweek for the furst month I had it at my smallish, dusty hard packed blown out local outdoor track that has a combo of tight hairpins, fast rolling jumps and huge table tops and 2 doubles that clear 20 feet. Never once have I wished I had more power and in fact Im sure I could probably turn faster laps with the 2000kv version, if not even the next size smaller as the truck sees full throttle for maybe 1 second per lap at the start of the main straight and sometimes just a quick blast before a jump. I run the Protek 6500mah LiGV packs, and have the Tekin RX8 Gen3 esc T8 combos of various ratings in my other Tekno EB48.4, EB48 2.0, SCT410.3 as well as my new TLR 8ight-Xte that Im finishing building up.

As far as comparison to other motors and esc's, I owned a couple Castle setups, and while they might be as good ir better for straight bashing or 100mph speed runs, there is no comparison when it comes to track/racing performance. These are so smooth and the bluetooth dongle and phone app have all the needed options to dial everything in. The only complaints Ive had with any of the Tekin stuff is that every once in a while I have to attempt to link the bluetooth tuner to my phone several times, with it taking 5 ninutes or more of doing different things to get then to link, and I would also like it if the BEC voltage could run up to the 8.5 volt range for the higher voltage servos, but the 7.4v still is plenty for all the Protek 170SBL and TBL servos I use in all 1/8 rigs. The only other problem Ive had was my fault, but could have been avoided. Because the wifi dongle is so small and can be left plugged in while driving, I was making some changes with it and before removing it I was sidetracked by another driver for a couple minutes, then threw my body back on and left the pits. After a few laps I noticed a small white part fly out of the truck and immediately realized I never took the dongle out. The wire had wrapped up in thevrear driveshaft and the box ripped off the wires. Surprisingly I was able to solder and repair everything and it continues to work perfectly to this day. Even if the esc gave a couple beeps if selecting the option to drive the vehicle while the dongle is still plugged in to the esc, I would have remembered to remove it. It is awesome that you can pull into the pits, change esc/motor settings, then be back on the track in literally a few seconds which allows you to really compare how changes in settings effect the performance. While it would be nice to permanently have the programmers installed in all my tekin equipped rigs, for whatever reason the dongle plugs into the same port as the fan so its one or the other. Not sure why so many companies do that and cant just have a simple 2 pin jack dedicated to the fan.

Anyway, these Tekin 1/8 motors are the best Ive used and will continue to buy them until there is a reason to change. I want to try the Maclan and Hobbywing 1/8 stuff as I love their 1/10 and SCT stuff, but ive never used or driven either.
Friday, Jun 21 2019 (about a year ago)
Tekin Redline T8 GEN3 4038 1/8 Truggy Competition Brushless Motor (2250kV)
ballistic......runs cooler than gen 2..slightly.........................................................................................................