Team Associated RC10B6.3 Team 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit

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Team Associated RC10B6.3 Team 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
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The Team Associated RC10 B6.3 Team 1/10 2wd Electric Buggy Kit continues the trend of refinement and reliable performance set forth by its predecessors. With a wide-pivot rear end and chassis-mounted servo mount, the RC10B6.3 is unmatched in stability and confidence. 

Performance isn’t the only category that has been improved for this generation; durability has also taken a step forward by resolving issues such as bending wing mounts, steering bellcrank screw breakage, and excessive steering linkage play. Additional features designed with the racer in mind: an integrated transponder mount, +4 mm shock rod ends, tie-rod battery brace hardware and linkage included, 2-wire and 3-wire containing clips, rear shock tower guards, and a redesigned smooth front shock tower to cover the exposed screw heads.

The B6.3 is the carpet/astroturf variant boasting an HD slipper spring assembly which uses the 11mm Octalock slipper pads (premium LCF pad material included in the kit!) for smoother engagement on high-traction surfaces, +3mm chassis for added stability, steel chassis weights for tuning weight bias, front and rear anti-roll bars, and a gear differential. The kit setup has been optimized so that you can have a competitive race car straight out of the box.
  • B6.3 Specific Updates:
    • Wide pivot rear aluminum arm mounts for use with 73mm arms and 69mm CVA bones to give more predictable rear traction and an easy-to-drive rear-end feel
    • Servo mounting system with aluminum chassis mounts and molded brace is much easier to assemble and has an integrated transponder mount
    • Molded front and rear tower covers protect the edges of the carbon fiber from damage, and keeps from damaging the track surface
    • Octalock spur gear and 11mm Octalock LCF pads using the heavier RC10B74.1 slipper spring for maximum consistency and higher torque capacity
    • Tie-rod battery brace parts and hardware included in kit for tuning additional chassis flex
    • Molded wire clips included for motor and ESC wires to keep your wiring organized
  • Updated Features:
    • Updated carbon fiber front and rear shock towers with fine hole spacing adjustment
    • +3mm extended chassis length for additional stability and reduced weight transfer in high-traction conditions
    • Updated chassis and side rails for use with new direct-to-chassis servo mount giving a more direct steering feel and predictable chassis flex going into and out of corners
    • Updated top plate that keys to a new steering bellcrank brace for increased durability
    • Updated rear wing mounts for more durability and less bending
    • Set screw and flanged nut rear bottom shock mounting hardware for quick and easy shock removal
    • +1 carbon fiber steering arms
    • Black steel M4 low profile (LP) serrated wheel nuts
  • Legacy Features:
    • 3-gear Laydown Stealth® transmission assembly for optimal mass balance on high- grip clay track surfaces
    • Fluid-filled gear differential included to withstand high load cornering
    • Front and rear anti-roll bars included to provide less chassis roll on high-grip surfaces
    • V2 12mm Big Bore threaded aluminum shocks with X-rings for low friction assembly
    • Machined shock pistons for more precise fit and smoother operation
    • V2 12mm shock springs for lower achievable ride height and nimbler feel
    • Aluminum rear ballstud mount with three link positions for maximum adjustability and added strength
    • Factory Team ball bearing set with 24 precision ball bearings, now oiled instead of greased for more efficient drivetrain 
    • Easy-access differential with 0, 1, 2, and 3mm height adjustment inserts included. (RC10B6.3 comes with a gear differential). Height adjustment inserts allow driveshaft alignment through all ride height and axle height configurations
    • Rear hub assembly with aluminum vertical ball stud camber link mount and axle height inserts for precise roll center adjustment
    • Front wing mount and front wing included to increased downforce and front grip
    • Integrated 30mm fan mount (fan not included) to prevent motor fade due to overheating
    • 69mm CVA bones for reduced bone plunge and minimized friction at drive pin
    • The symmetric rear arms with improved geometry and stiffness can be flipped to allow a “split” for rear shock mounting position. Arms are available in 73mm and 75mm lengths (73mm included)
    • Outer rear hinge pin is captured with bolt head and lock nut for increased durability
    • Steel electronics and steel under-servo plates included for improved mass balance and lower overall center of mass
    • 5mm aluminum clamping wheel hexes
    • Lightweight aluminum one-piece top shaft and gear
    • Body designed with lower center of mass improves handling on high-grip surfaces (clear body and wing included)

Scale: 1:10
Power: Electric
Length (w/wing): 390mm (15.4")
Width: Varies
Weight (chassis only): 821g (1.81 lbs)
Wheelbase: 280-282mm  (11.0-11.1")
Drive: 2WD

Needed to Complete:
  • 1:10 scale electric motor and electronic speed control
  • 7.4V, 7.6V 2S LiPo with "shorty" battery dimensions 
  • Battery charger 
  • 2-channel surface transmitter
  • 2-channel receiver
  • Steering servo 
  • Lexan™-specific spray paint for body
  • 1:10 scale off-road wheels and tires
  • Pinion gear
  • Other helpful items: Silicone shock fluid, Silicone diff fluid, body scissors, body reamer, hex/nut drivers, CA tire adhesive, Hobby knife, Needle nose pliers, Wire cutters, Soldering iron, Calipers or precision ruler

This product was added to our catalog on April 14, 2021

Thursday, Apr 29 2021 (about a year ago)
Team Associated RC10B6.3 Team 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
Great little buggy just like it’s predecessor. There are not very many changes. The new slipper works well. The free play in the steering is gone. But my son has a 2021 xb2c and it’s a high performance money trap. When comparing the 2 the X-ray is the better buggy for me. But to get it to where the associated is out of the box will cost you almost double the price of the b6.3. Parts availability is usual associated. Almost every track has them. All around great buggy. Rugged and fast right out of the box. My biggest complaint is that instead of making a carpet Astro buggy they made another jack of all trades. Yet master of none. but let’s be real out of all the top end 2wd buggies the better driver is the one who is going to lead the pack. For the money I would highly recommend. If you can afford it go for the X-ray. And I’m not an X-ray fan boy. My son also has a 2021 xb4c and my review on it is less than great.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Feb 10 2022 (4 months ago)
Team Associated RC10B6.3 Team 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
This review is not a reflection on Amain Hobbies. This review is strictly on this kit. DO NOT BUY THIS KIT.
Go on RCTech forums or Facebook groups for this car. You will find that a large percentage of people who bought this product have major issues with:
1) The Diff. It binds, because of bad engineering and poor quality plastic molds.
2) The diff. It leaks.
Facebook pages and RCTech forums are filled with people who have these problems and many different suggestions on how to remedy them.
Most of them involve buying upgrade Associated aluminum parts.
3) The fan mount puts the fan resting against the inside of the body, basically making your fan useless, as their is no room for air to get behind it. The chassis side rail blocks you from just servo taping or Shoe-Gooing the fan to the chassis in the proper position.
4) The plastic brace on top of the servo mount is gray Tupperware plastic. That way they can sell you the carbon-fiber one that should be included in the "Factory Team" kit.
5) This "Factory Team" kit, still comes with the infamous plastic bulkhead - that way, they can charge $30 for the aluminum or steel one that should come with the B6.3D and B6.3.
6) The body is the ugliest I've seen, and they don't send wheels with the car.
I've been buying Team Associated cars since 1993. Not only have they let the quality of their products slide, the people who work there don't care and have the personality of a rock.
I emailed them multiple time before writing this review, and they chose not to respond.
We have a Losi 22 5.0 AC that cost $50 less, and has far higher quality shocks and plastics, always worked perfectly and came with wheels and a decent looking body.
Associated just sells kits to get you to spend money on the upgrades that should come with the "Factory Team' kits and they don't care about their customers.
Before that we ran the XRay carpet car We have also had thei 4wd and sedan. XRay's quality puts associated to shame. They're a little more expensive, but you don't have to spend $200 on option carbon-fiber and aluminum parts to get them right.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 23 2022 (2 months ago)
Team Associated RC10B6.3 Team 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
Have patience, take your time, enjoy the process, and have fun building the kit. Check page 3 often and measure your hardware so you don't install the wrong part and have to back track.

- I'd recommend getting some hobby cutters or small wire cutters to help take parts off parts trees quicker.
- X-acto Z series blades or other sharp hobby knife blades will help take car of nubs and trim out the body and wing
- Protek 170TBL servo I used was a bit overkill, I think if I had to do it again, I'd use a Protek 155S servo instead
- Paired with a Hobbywing Justock ESC and 21.5T motor (HWA38020322). Great combo for a beginner. Enough speed to learn how to drive.
- I installed the Team Associated Factory Team Steel Bulkhead (ASC91898)
- Kit did not come with wheels, but I ended up buying premounts that we use in our spec class. Jconcept Twin Pins in the rear and Swaggers in the front

Frustrations I had with the kit:
- Front sway bar doesn't look like it was held in place by the screws very well. The head of the screw barely interfered with the sway bar to ensure it didn't pop out. This could be fixed with a small washer.
- Front inner and outer hinge pins had a similar issue where the head of the retaining screw doesn't engage a lot and maybe a good hit could knock the hinge pin out of place. I added a small washer to both screws and haven't had any issues.
- Upper shock mounts have a lot of play, but apparently that is normal for Team Associated cars
- The provided fan mount doesn't give any air to feed the fan unless you cut the side of the body. This may affect the aerodynamics of the car, so I didn't want to use it. Team Associated released a part for the B6.2 and put a 3D print file on their website to relocate the fan further back and angled by the slipper clutch nut. Frustrated that they designed and released a part for the B6.2 that would be better, and didn't include it in their B6.3 kits. Amain hobbies did a great video on YouTube on the best location for the fan mount. I'd recommend y'all check that out before you make a decision on where to install your motor fan.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because even though there were frustrations, the driving experience made up for it. Car drove amazingly well on the kit setup. Handles exactly how I want it to and it's very predictable. It has great on and off power steering. Instruction manual was great. Also, there are videos on YouTube to help if you get stuck on something. Would make a great first kit build. Great support locally since these are popular kits. I'd highly recommend getting one.
Tuesday, Feb 8 2022 (4 months ago)
Team Associated RC10B6.3 Team 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
One of the best 2wd buggys ive drove. Im still getting used to it though. On astro turf run a more agressive tire because the rear end tends to slide around. But im sure this can be tuned out. The build was amazing i had 1 flaw but them found out i read the book wrong. Im running a 13.5 stock motor which works great but would definatly recomend 17.5. Yet another great car from Team associated.?
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Nov 16 2021 (6 months ago)
Team Associated RC10B6.3 Team 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
This car is unreal. It must be driven to be believed. It’s also very fast and nimble. Best there is. Another winner Team Associated!!!
Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 12 2021 (9 months ago)
Team Associated RC10B6.3 Team 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
My first Team Kit from Associated. Really enjoyed the build process. I took a lot of pictures along the way. The car drives really well. Great for someone who isn't completely confident about the process. Check out the video link below. I explain a lot of details about the process and some of the products I purchased to complete the project.

Associated B6.3 Build Documentary -

** Shout out to Brett from Amain for making that B6.2 series. That helped too.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jul 13 2021 (10 months ago)
Team Associated RC10B6.3 Team 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
Drives perfect on kit setup. Only had to adjust shock preload to laydown killer lap times. 10-10
Verified Owner
Friday, May 7 2021 (about a year ago)
Team Associated RC10B6.3 Team 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
I’ve only assembled this buggy, not driven it (Yet). So, my review is based upon just that.

My family has/had three of the AE B6/6D buggies, one B6.2, and now this B6.3. The 6.2 & 6.3 are replacements for the now sloppy B6 buggies. When it came time to choose a platform to purchase (Against TLR, XRay, Yokomo, Serpent, etc), the 6.3 was a clear choice for me. Some parts are interchangeable between the platforms, so it saves buying all new spare parts (In some situations). The build is familiar, as are the instructions.

Others have commented on missing parts. I was fortunate enough, to not have that issue (On any of the AE kits). Hopefully they have this resolved for all of these B6.3 kits coming into stock now.