Tamiya Grasshopper 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Buggy Kit

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Tamiya Grasshopper 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Buggy Kit
Price: $115.50
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The Tamiya Grasshopper Off-Road Buggy Kit is an iconic model and was the "first kit" owned by many modern day enthusiasts. The Grasshopper first made its appearance in R/C stores in 1984 and was based on the single seat buggies seen tearing-up dirt tracks across the U.S. in the 80's. Easy to assemble and easy to drive, the lightweight Grasshopper was an instant hit. Packed with all the fantastic features found on the original kit, this fun 2WD buggy is a blast on both off-road and on-road tracks. 

The perfect combination of simple assembly and tough exterior is what made the Grasshopper so special. Durable plastic body is fastened to bathtub resin monocoque chassis by screws, creating a solid frame that can absorb any type of rough handling. Off-road tracks can be tackled with ease thanks to coil spring dampers, and independent swing axle front and rigid axle rear suspension. A sealed gearbox keeps the dirt and stones out of the differential and gears for smooth driving and cornering. Paddle style rear tires and grooved front tires combine with 3-piece assembly type wheels provide excellent grip on dirt tracks. Plus, the half-body driver figure, affectionately referred to as Frank Evans adds that finishing touch to a classic R/C car. 



  • Updated version includes 380 motor and 101BK ESC
  • Redesigned stickers
  • Original tires and driver figure for an authentic look
  • Sealed rear gearbox protects gear differential during off-road running
  • Independent swing axle front suspension, rolling rigid axle rear suspension
  • 380 type motor (chassis compatible with 540 type motor - sold separately)

Construction type: kit
Terrain use: off-road
Drive-train: 2WD RWD
Drive type: gearbox
Drive line: solid axle
Differential type: gear
Suspension: independent front/solid axle rear
Steering mechanism: direct servo
Shock damper: friction damper
Shock damper material: plastic
Tire type: rubber
Tire tread: Paddle rear, smooth front
Body material:
Chassis material: plastic
Electronic Speed Control (ESC): included
ESC model: TEU-101BK
LED Light buckets: no
LED lights: no
Motor: 380-brushed type
Bearings: metal and plastic bushings
Adjustable camber: fixed
Adjustable toe angles: front only
Adjustable ground clearance: fixed
Adjustable gear ratio: fixed
Adjustable wheelbase: fixed
Adjustable track width: fixed
Adjustable shock angle: fixed
Length: 389mm
Width: 223mm
Height: 135mm
Weight: 830g


  • Grasshopper kit
  • TEU-101BK ESC
  • 380-Brushed motor

Needed to Complete:

  • 2 Channel Radio System
  • 7.2V NiMh Battery Pack
  • NiMh Battery Charger
  • Steering Servo
  • Paint for Body
  • AA Batteries for Transmitter
  • Tools for Assembly

This product was added to our catalog on March 18, 2016

Friday, Aug 4 2017 (about 4 years ago)
Tamiya Grasshopper 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Buggy Kit
Can't believe no one has reviewed this. My guess is half the people who have shopped here have driven one, so they already know what it's about?! It was my first kit back in the 80's when i was about 10. I enjoyed it for a few years, then upgraded to the almighty original RC10. this was a great intro to hobby-grade RC. When I got back into the hobby again with my first son a few years ago, this was naturally the kit we went for. I got us a both a re-release grasshopper which is pretty much the same as the first. the ESC is the main difference and pre-cut stickers. If your child is young and into the science of how things work and you are looking for a fun project to build with them, it s a great choice. The chassis and suspension leaves a lot to be desired, but if you just want something that can take a beating, then this is it. Keep the 380 motor in there and she can take just about anything. upgrade to the 540 and the hard plastic starts to break. we learned this quickly.:-( when the rear shock mount goes that's it, chassis done. first thing that goes is the plastic body, but super glue works to put the pieces back on. I have many fond memories of driving my original, as well the second version with my first son. Even the part where the battery cover pops off and you are driving around dragging your battery, classic! :o)) Now with my second son who is not as much into the building part, age 10, we decided to go with the Kyosho Sandmaster. Mostly his choice, but I second it. With what you get for only $50 more. Still can take a beating, super easy to work on. also great for a first timer. It just offers a little more of everything with a higher performance potential. The grasshopper is great for what it is, but you should level your expectations. solid rear axle and coil springs for shocks? not exactly good suspension. If you are driving in the street in front of your house and maybe building a jump and catching some air, this is it. for not much money, the grasshopper is a great first time RC and fun to build. Just be sure you have a power screw driver on hand cause all those Philips heads will give you a work out. The grasshopper is an ICON.
Sunday, Apr 1 2018 (about 4 years ago)
Tamiya Grasshopper 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Buggy Kit
I'm as shocked as the other Guy, that nobody has commented on it.
This little Buggy got me started in 1985, into the great fun of the RC Hobby!! SIMPLE Kit to build (the Wheels were a small painto get together). If you think about it, this was made near the dawn of the Hobby as we know it today! And it came with Beadlock Wheels!!! NO CA Cement. If you've never built a kit before, this is a great opportunity to try one - and own a piece of HISTORY, that you could Bash and Crash.

Like the first Guy said, if you're new, KEEP the 380 Motor in it. It makes the Buggy far more forgiving as you're learning! My first one, I went to the 540.... FAST yes, but it was nearly uncontrollable!! It's light weight and questionable Suspension made it a Nightmare. Plus, I used to burn through back Tires just about WEEKLY!! The Steering gets way too light (too much understeer), and I imploded the front end, sliding and slamming it into a Curb! :(

Went a different route with the re-release. A 390 sized Brushless Motor and ESC. I chose the Traxxas Velenion, for a 1/16th Scale Rally Car. The acceleration was SWEET! The top speed is excellent. AND, because it's the same size as Stock - and Brushless, it fit with no difficulty, and used the same 13 tooth Pinion Gear. Because of THAT, I also can get over an HOUR on a 3300mah NiMH Battery!!! The weight is better balanced, front to back, and the handling is improved.

IF you're the Resto-Modified type (like me!), on Shapeways, look for the Store: AmPro Engineering. Alberto has been working overtime on the Grasshopper and Hornet, with DOUBLE WISHBONE front Suspension, for no more camber shifting on bumps and especially, going in Reverse. Also, He designed a Cantilever Shock System, that allows you to use bigger, better Aftermarket Shocks!

He also designed a few varieties of Battery Doors - that NEVER fall out!
ALSO, He designed the biggest, coolest Mod of all - a DOUBLE WISHBONE, Fully Independant REAR Suspension!!! All of those will bring your Classic Buggy, into the 21st Century. Handling is SO good, you'll Shock your friends for SURE!!
I absolutely LOVE it. Makes a Grasshopper handle at least as good as the original RC-10 !!
He also makes parts for Frog/Brat/Blackfoot I and I, and Monster Beetle, that vastly improves the performance.
This is NO Racing Machine..... but it WILL put a smile on your face!
Verified Owner
Thursday, Feb 27 2020 (about 2 years ago)
Tamiya Grasshopper 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Buggy Kit
I mentor Burmese refugee children and spend my time buying and building RC cars with them to teach them fundamental skills of the hobby and the mechanics of the cars. They love feeling accomplished when they get to enjoy their build. Thanks Amain Hobby.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jan 19 2021 (about a year ago)
Tamiya Grasshopper 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Buggy Kit
Super fast service! Arrived in excellent condition. Easy to use website. Will definitely buy again from Amain. The grasshopper you ask? Awesome vintage fun!
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 9 2020 (about a year ago)
Tamiya Grasshopper 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Buggy Kit
The Grasshopper is an awesome classic! HobbyTown staff was awesome and always helpful after multiple phone calls with questions. Can't wait to pick up our next kit.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Dec 15 2021 (5 months ago)
Tamiya Grasshopper 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Buggy Kit
This is a really fun buggy to build and drive. This was my first kit that I built. I wanted a fun basher buggy for the backyard and park and the Grasshopper is perfect. I thought about buying the 540 motor to upgrade but the 380 is a blast and plenty of power to kick out the back end. It has enough power to make it through tall grass but its best in short grass, dirt, gravel and woodchips. You can race bigger and faster R/C cars on the right short course because of the way this buggy handles and rips around. I love that I can drive it hard without it flipping over or breaking anything. Super easy and fun build. Really good instructions. I will be building more Tamiya kits.
Ball bearings are a must, but I kept the stock friction shocks and it is fine and part of the fun of this kind of car. I think if you put oil shocks on this car you are missing the point of the Grasshopper.