Spektrum RC DX5 Pro 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter Radio System w/SR2100 Receiver

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Spektrum RC DX5 Pro 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter Radio System w/SR2100 Receiver
Price: $299.99
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The Spektrum DX5 Pro includes more ergonomic options so that everything you drive can respond more harmoniously. Plus, the DX5 Pro gives bashers, boaters and racers a class-leading list of pro-class features, all at a remarkably affordable price.

Easy to Program: Sophisticated programming isn't worth much if it's a pain to use. The DX5 Pro’s SimpleScroll programming interface makes navigating menus and changing settings as simple as 'scroll and click'. It's so easy—most users can complete complex programming tasks without ever having to look at the manual.

Built-In Telemetry: The built-in telemetry feature can give you real-time information on things like your vehicle's battery voltage, signal quality, motor temperature and more.* Using the vibe alert system, you can program the DX5 Pro to notify you when specific telemetry values reach or exceed limits you define. *Vehicle must be equipped with a telemetry-enabled receiver like the SR6000T (sold separately)

Advanced Programming Features: The DX5 Pro comes with an impressive list of programming features, some of which include:

  • Up to 5 drive modes per model
  • Programming for compatible AVC® receivers
  • Spektrum Lap Timer Programming
  • Programmable mixes including Motor-On-Axle
  • (MOA)
  • ABS and 4-wheel steering
  • Dual rates, expo and more!

Programmable Vibe Alerts: You can select from a variety of vibe alerts for battery voltage and telemetry functions. Most of these can be set to go off when the voltage level or telemetry data exceeds specific values that you define.

250-Model Memory: The enormous capacity of the DX5 Pro's on-board memory means you will rarely, if ever, need to juggle models between transmitter memory and your SD card

5.5-Millisecond Frame Rate: When matched with a receiver capable of 5.5ms frame rates, the DX5 Pro delivers lightning-fast response that gives new meaning to the word ‘connected’.

Includes SR2100 DSMR High-Speed Receiver: Built around frequency-agile DSMR® technology, the SR2100 will consistently deliver superb range and a lightning-fast 5.5ms frame rate, even in places where a lot of 2.4GHz systems are in use at once. Its design features an incredibly small footprint with an internal antenna that eliminates the need for external antenna tube support, so it’s easy to mount on most any chassis

Channels: 5   
Flight Modes: 1   
Frame Rate: 11/22 Ms   
Height: 5.3 in (135mm)   
Length: 8.3 in (210mm)   
Model Memory: 250   
Modulation: DSMR   
Proportional Inputs: 5   
Range: Full   
Rate Positions: 3 POS   
Receiver: SR2100   
Resolution: 2048   
SD Card/Airware Capable: Yes   
Telemetry: Integrated   
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type: 4 x AA   
Type: Intermediate Computer   
Weight: 1.4lbs (0.63Kg)   
Width: 5.6 in (143mm)

This product was added to our catalog on July 26, 2018

Wednesday, Aug 15 2018 (about 3 years ago)
Spektrum RC DX5 Pro 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter Radio System w/SR2100 Receiver
This is controlling a bakers dozen of boats and a few crawlers and trucks, range is beyond my eye site of scaled craft and FE's
I will not recommend any product but i can only tell you what that product is done for me. i can say i'd purchase again if i had to.
that said the only Spektrum that has failed was my DX4S. My DX3c has never missed a beat and have had it since its conception, the DX5c
so far so good this new Pro is built that much better the plastic is the difference between schedule 40 PVC pipe and .125 SCH. pipe,
the trigger is smoother, bigger screen, heavier but balances way nice in hand, my first drop down wheel, truthfully if it wasn't there
i'd care less, intuitive programming. the only down fall is the two 1.5mm screws for battery hatch cover (which i fashioned thumb screws for mine) and the trigger finger guard is a wee small for my trigger finger My DX3c has more room go figure.
it's response time well i'm no seasoned racing expert but yeah it's faster. so if you already like Spektrum then this is already in your cart. besides anything new to me is always fun ain't that what this hobby is all about?
yes the new Hitec Lynx 4 had crossed my mind and the new Sanwa M17 is about out and is the slickest TX i have ever seen, but RX costs and having an arsenal of Spek's DSM/DSMR RX's i have kept with Spektrum.
Just a positive note Amain Is always been A+ with me many years shoppn' here not one problem, not one issue, and ships fast like anything.
from a seasoned fellow hobbyist.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Apr 11 2020 (about a year ago)
Spektrum RC DX5 Pro 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter Radio System w/SR2100 Receiver
Long time Spektrum user, and this is just another in a line of upgrades for me. DSM2 backwards compatibility is a very welcome feature. The SR2100 receiver is super tiny and easy to mount, but being able to use my older SR3100's means I'm not forced to update all my race receivers just yet. Older DX3r is passed down to my son, and between it and the wife's DX3s, able to make use of the extra DSM and DSM2 receivers still hanging around.

Really looking forward to racing with this radio though, balance feels good, customization options out of the box is nice, back light is good for readability on the screen without being overly bright, and the scroll wheel is quick without being overly touchy.

I opted for this over the DX6r, as I just don't think I need or want a touch screen on my race radio. I just need tactile switches, good ergos and a connected feel with my cars.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Feb 18 2021 (11 months ago)
Spektrum RC DX5 Pro 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter Radio System w/SR2100 Receiver
Would not bind to any receiver . Receiver that came with it or 3 brand new ones
Verified Owner
Saturday, Mar 21 2020 (about a year ago)
Spektrum RC DX5 Pro 5-Channel DSMR Transmitter Radio System w/SR2100 Receiver
Radio came out of the box with a very touchy menu wheel on,the back. Thought I could just deal with,it however after using a friends same model,I had to send it back. AMain was quick to respond on making a warranty claim. Grade A service as usual.