RCPROPLUS S7 "Solderless" Supra X Battery Connector (4 Sets)

RCPROPLUS S7 "Solderless" Supra X Battery Connector (4 Sets)
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RC Pro Plus has been at the forefront of battery connector development for years. Providing high quality, and high reliability, RCPP has quickly became a leader within the industry. 

Meet the "REB 7808 S.T" aka S7 Solderless connetors! Solderless? Absolutely! Solderless connections are more commonly found in applications outside the R/C industry, and inherently provide lower point of fatigue within the connection. 

The RCPP Solderless connectors are built with the ability to install the connectors to each application in minutes. With the bare wires exposed, each bullet connector utilizes 2 setscrews (180 degrees apart), to create a secure mechanical connection. 


  • Use with batteries, speed controllers and chargers
  • Solderless - Full mechanical connection
  • Large, low resistance contact patch
  • 'Click' connection 
  • Hassle free assembly 
Peak Current: 270A 
Continue Current: 230A 
Applicable Wire: 8~10AWG 

Finish Type: 24K Gold Plated 5u" 

Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 20 2019 (about a year ago)
RCPROPLUS S7 "Solderless" Supra X Battery Connector (4 Sets)
RCproplus SOLDERLESS connector tips.
These are my tips that work for me and have not necessarily been approved by the manufacturer.

The instructions on my bullet package says they are for 8-10 awg applications. The wires that I have on my esc and lipos are both 10 awg. For me the bullets work fine with the longer set screws that come with the bullets(older packages may come with shorter set screws). So if you have the longer 4-5mm set screws you should be fine with 10 awg with no modification.

However, If you want more security when using the 10 awg or smaller guage you can fold the wire back on itself to create a larger gauge to insert into bullet, thus when you insert the set screws it creates more mechanical pressure against bullet. As you tighten both set screws, it pushes the wire on each side against the inside of bullet surface. Also since the inside surface is threaded, it will result in greater security from pulling out.

Also you will note that there are two set screws to be used in each bullet, one should be flat and the other with a pointed end.

To prevent the set screws from loosening, I create a slight burr on the threads of both set screws so that they won’t unscrew by themselves(don’t over do this by creating too big of a burr!). The reason I do this instead of using loctite is due to the fact that I want the set screw to be conductive, and using loctite on threads could be an insulator. I want as much conductivity as possible and that means wire to set screw to bullet.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Sep 24 2020 (5 months ago)
RCPROPLUS S7 "Solderless" Supra X Battery Connector (4 Sets)
First, in regards to the (currently) only other review, he mentions about him choosing to not use Loctite, as it might act as an "insulator". Feel free to use Loctite, but only use a very minimal amount, and only on the threads of the grub screws (ie. NOT on the ends). Yes, blue Loctite does act as an insulator, but, as long as you're using as minimal amount as possible, it's not going to increase resistance all that much. Besides, when putting these connectors together, the grub screws should NOT be the primary electrical connection between the wire & bullet...the wire should be pressed as much against the inside of the bullet as possible - THAT'S your primary electrical connection. The grub screws are primarily for holding the wire in place.

Now that that has been said, in regards to the connectors, themselves, these are outstanding. I started off with one package, and not for connecting ESCs & batteries. I actually got it for use in a boat, for connecting the ESC & motor, as I figured this would not only make swapping motors extremely easy, but the connectors are reusable. On the motor, I installed 2 female & 1 male, with 1 female & 2 male in the ESC. This way, if the motor is spinning the wrong direction, simply switching any 2 of the 3 (ie. the 2 female on the motor) will reverse the motor's direction.

In my thinking, I figured, if these can prove to be great for connecting a boat's motor & ESC, they'll be even better for connecting batteries to ESCs...and...they ARE fantastic for connecting the motor & ESC. I'm already ordering more, as these will now be my "go-to" for boats...and, quite possibly, for other vehicles, as well.