Pro8 TLR-SCTE E-Buggy Conversion Kit by MIP

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Frederick, MD

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This product was added to our catalog on November 4, 2013.

This is the MIP Pro8 TLR-SCTE E-Buggy Conversion Kit. Compatible with the SCTE and SCTE 2.0 trucks, MIP’s upgrade package transforms either of these popular vehicles into a competitive and agile 1/8th Super Lite e-Buggy that meets racing specifications for width and length. The thing that makes this kit unique in the world of 1/8 scale electric is that it’s upwards of two pounds lighter compared to an average 1/8th scale e-Buggy! To visualize the weight difference, it’s like removing a minimum of 162 seven gram square lead weights (commonly used in RC) worth of weight off of the average 1/8th scale.

The weight decrease makes this e-Buggy much more agile compared to its heavier counterpart, while at the same time puts less wear and tear on the race track, and increases turn marshal safety. Plus, this product is compatible with standard 2S batteries and 4wd short course electronics, as well as smaller 4S batteries & 1/8th scale electronics, giving you options never before available. Heavy, dangerous, track damaging, eight pound 1/8 scale electrics are a thing of the past. Lightweight and agile electric 1/8 scale platforms are the future, and MIP’s Pro8 Upgrade Kit for the SCTE/SCTE 2.0 can make that future a reality!

Chad Bradley's Take on MIP's Pro8
“The Pro8 is extremely fun to drive, and the power to weight ratio seemed perfect for indoor racing. Comparing a 4wd SC to the Pro8 Super Light eBuggy isn’t really a fair comparison. The benefits of using a buggy style body, 1/8-scale wing and tires with low profile sidewalls plays a huge effect on handling and gives the buggy an advantage. I highly recommend this product."
Check out Chad's full review here.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Increased Overall Agility
  • Increased Acceleration
  • Increased Deceleration
  • Increased Corner Speed
  • More Overall Air Control
  • Lighter than other electric 1/8th Scales


  • Taper lock 17mm hex adapters
  • 17mm serrated wheel nuts
  • Narrow front hex adapters create more off-power steering
  • Anodized and laser marked 7075-T6 aluminum parts
  • 4 mm glass / carbon hybrid front / rear towers
  • MIP Bypass1™ piston upgrade
  • Two pairs of tuned racing springs
  • Black oxide & wax coated body clips
  • Aluminum adjustable height rear body mounts
  • Machined aluminum front body mount
  • Custom MIP molded front bumper
  • Custom MIP molded wing mounts
  • Trim to fit Lexan mud guards  
  • Online set up sheets
  • Technical support from MIP’s Factory Race Team
  • 100% Made in the USA!




  • (1) MIP Cover Sheet
  • (2) MIP Mud Guard
  • (1) MIP Real Shocks Valve Cup
  • (4) MIP Bypass1™ #SW4 Stop Washer
  • (4) MIP Bypass1™ #17 Valves .010 Brown
  • (2) MIP Pro4mance™ Springs Front Blue/SOFT
  • (2) MIP Pro4mance™ Springs Front Yellow/MEDIUM
  • (2) MIP Servo Post  
  • (4) MIP Servo Post Spacers
  • (4) MIP Bypass1™ #7 Pistons
  • (1) MIP Pro8™ e-Buggy Tower Rear
  • (1) MIP Pro8™ e-Buggy Tower Front
  • (1) MIP Rear Body Mount adapter
  • (2) MIP Body Mounts
  • (2) MIP Front 17 mm Hub
  • (2) MIP Front M4 Serrated 17mm Flanged Nut
  • (2) MIP Rear 17mm Hub
  • (2) MIP Wing Mount
  • (1) MIP Front Bumper
  • (2) MIP Rear M4 Serrated 17mm Flanged Nut
  • (4) HW-Nut 4-40 Mini Locknut
  • (4) HW-SHSS 4-40 x 3/32 Cup Point
  • (1) HW-BHCS 4-40 x 5/16
  • (5) HW-BHCS 5-40 x 3/8
  • (8) HW-BHCS 5-40 x 3/4 Button Head Screw
  • (4) HW-Pin 1/16 Body Clip Hair Pin Black
  • (4) HW-Washer .29 x .56 x .09 Black rubber
  • (1) HW-FHCS 4-40 x 1/4" Flat Head Screw
  • (1) HW-SHSS 5-40 x 1/4" Cup Set Screw
  • (2) MIP Confetti Sticker
  • (2) MIP RealShocks™ Valve Cup Sticker
  • (2) MIP Pro8™ Confetti Sticker
  • (1) MIP Instructions Sheet

Needed to Complete:

  • SCTE
  • 1/8 Buggy Body (MIP Recommends PRO3402-00, PRO3400-00 -or- JCI0204, JCI0238)
  • 1/8 Buggy Wing
  • 1/8 Buggy Wheels & Tires

NOTE: Pictures of assembled conversion are for illustrative purposes only. This kit includes only the parts needed to convert your existing SCTE into the MIP Pro8 1/8 scale buggy.

Verified Owner
Thursday, Feb 6 2014 (about 3 years ago)
MIP Pro8 TLR-SCTE E-Buggy Conversion Kit
This kit is peak. After converting my losi scte2.0 to a 1/8th scale buggy I'm not going back. the car is lighter than a regular buggy and i can use my old motors and run practise laps on 2s at good speeds or run even up to 3s and 4s if you're up for a bit more jump clearing ability. build quality of the components is top notch and i really like the blue plastic. My only gripe is that it only comes with front springs. What about the rear springs? Also the real shock pistons are very very good and smooth but only if you have the tlr shock bodies not the blue anodised bodies that come with the scte rtr or ten rally x(no bleeder cap). After purchasing this i may get the mip pro kit to upgrade my losi ten rally x to scte 2.0 status under the hood)