Maclan MMax8R 200A Competition 1/8 Brushless ESC

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The Maclan MMax8R 200A Competition 1/8 Brushless ESC was designed and built with one goal in mind - winning races. Heavy collaboration with Jared Tebo ensures the top-quality hardware components will meet the demands of high caliber racing, and the software is able to provide what serious drivers require to win.

Full Aluminum Case with Super Powerful 8.4V BEC, and Hurricane Aluminum Fan
The MMax 8 utilizes a full aluminum case that ensures the maximum thermal dissipation and extreme durability. The 40mm HV ESC fan provides that extra insurance to cool down the ESC in extreme ambient conditions. The super-switch-mode BEC is designed to handle true HV for all types of servos from 6V to 8.4V. It provides the true power needed to steer 1/8 competition RC cars.

32-Bit CPU Platform with USB Host & Slave Dual Mode
Ever wondered if your ESC has the best performance and a real 32-bit processor? Well, Maclan believes you deserve to know the facts, while using the best products on the market. The MMax 8 ESC adapts Microchip PIC32 platform that processes all the complicated data at extreme speed to provide the most precise throttle and brake response. Another significant piece of the MMax 32-bit platform is the on board USB function. The MMax 8 has an upgraded USB mode that allows the ESC to connect directly via its USB port to:
  1. MS Windows 7/10 PC
  2. Maclan ProLink Programming card
  3. Android devices
  4. Maclan AirLink Wi-Fi module (coming in Spring 2020)
  • Upgraded with Hurricane aluminum fan and carbon fiber fan guard.
  • High performance 32-bit PIC32 CPU for high speed and accurate processing.
  • New generation firmware algorithms for the strongest ever throttle and brake performance.
  • On board USB host + slave dual mode for the ease of connectivity and unlimited extensibility.
  • Dual ‘power-on’ options for the ease of operation. (can be controlled by a switch or direct to battery)
  • All aluminum structure with omnidirectional heatsink for maximum airflow and optimum cooling performance.
  • All detachable connectors with several optional length cables.
  • Adjustable throttle and brake PWM frequency for fine tuning.
  • Motor/ESC temperature protection and low voltage protection.
  • MS Windows 7/10 compatible and mobile app software for data logging, programming, and firmware updating.
CPU: Super speed PIC32 32-bit CPU with 5-stage pipeline
Scale: 1/8th
Mode: Sensored/ Smart Sensorless
Continuous Current: 200A
Power Input: 2S-6S Li-Po
Wire input: Black 12AWG 200mm x2
Wire output: Black 12AWG 200mm x3
Cooling fan: 40x40x10mm HV turbo fan
Dimension: 58x48x34 (mm)
Net weight: 107g (w/o wires and cooling fan)
Support voltage/ Motor KV limit: 2S: 3.5T, 3S: 4000KV, 4S: 3000KV, 6S: 1500KV
Friday, Nov 6 2020 (4 weeks ago)
Maclan MMax8R 200A Competition 1/8 Brushless ESC
I'll start out by saying, you can't get these wet; aka, don't spray simple green or other cleaning solution in or around the ESC. It is super sensitive to moisture. The other reviewer most likely got moisture in his ESC using compressed air. With that said, this ESC is the best feeling ESC I have ever driven and the speed is off the chain when coupled to a 1900 KW Maclan motor. Mine is also installed in an EB48 2.0; was previously installed in my Mugen MBX8 eco. It has been completely durable.

This is a big boy ESC; you can't play stupid with it. Adjust the settings appropriately, select the right pinion, etc. The ESC doesn't run hot AT ALL; the motor on the other hand does, but from what I hear, it's normal for that. It's true the fans don't last long, but what fan does? If it's plastic, it's gonna break. I run my E truggy without a fan, so there you go. The build quality of this ESC is the best I've seen. I mean really, the tekin RX8 still has a plastic case for the $$$ you're paying. This think is aluminum all the way around, super thick and flexible wires, and not big of a foot print though it's not small.

The only things you need to address or be aware of is, don't get it wet, not even close! And when you pull it out of the box new, remove all the lower case screws and add lock tite. The screws come lose in the case brand new. My supplier has alerted McClan and made them aware of this. It's just a manufacturing process addition.

-not for the faint of heart: I have coated the processor on my circuit board with a acrylic conformal coating to try and prevent any moisture exposure. So go so far. I only applied a light coating.

But over all, you're not gonna find a better feeling ESC, that is made well, and has the removable power switch, fan plug, and receiver plug. Try replacing your Tekin or HW power switch that happen to come untapped or shoe goed and got ripped off....just a though.

The thing with reviews is anyone, including the dummies can come on here and claim the product failed without ever having read the manual or doing something completely ignorant. Do what you're supposed to and this ESC will last you.
Verified Owner
Friday, Oct 2 2020 (9 weeks ago)
Maclan MMax8R 200A Competition 1/8 Brushless ESC
I put this ESC in a EB 48 2.0. Paired with a MRR 8.3 1900kv motor, this was a fast setup. Until, I had this ESC smoked in the mains. Temps was in the high 40's low 50's at main time. The night before at qualifying (low 40 degree temps) I lost the fan. It came apart, it could not hold up to the rigors of the track. I sent it in to Maclan awaiting follow up from them. I enjoyed the power and speed, but did not apricate the smoke show. I have Max 160 esc's and not one issue with them. I raced a 1/10th truggy at the same track with zero issues.

Update: There was excessive dust in and moisture in case. I thought that was nuts seeing I just had gotten this and used it for one weekend. I did send it to warranty repair, which soaked me to pay for repairing it. I have (4) mmax160 never skipped a beat. Warranty tried to tell me 1/10 racing and 1/8 racing are a lot diffrent. Funny, I raced my mini-truggy at the same event without any issues, and I went after it harder in the truggy than ebuggy. I could not recommend this unit given the experice I had. Last time I replaced an ESC was a Novak T-1x. Very disappointed.