Maclan MMAX Pro 160A Competition Sensored Brushless ESC w/Program Card

Maclan MMAX Pro 160A Competition Sensored Brushless ESC w/Program Card
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The Maclan Racing MMax Pro was developed from the ground up with 18+ months of R&D efforts by the Maclan Racing team with one goal in mind - to be faster than anything else on the market. The MMax Pro is a next generation competition ESC for 1/10 RC car racing, with specific profiles for on road, off road, blinky and modified classes. Plus, there are profiles developed for rock crawlers and drift cars, as well as three custom profiles! All the profiles can be customized using the Maclan ProLink programming card (MCL4001 - included), or a PC, and each parameter within every profile can be fine tuned to suit your specific requirements.

SmartLink App for Android Devices
The SmartLink app was designed for Android mobile devices with OS version 5.0 or higher. It utilizes the touch screen on your mobile device to perform some useful functions. The ESC on board USB port allows the ESC to connect to the mobile device directly without a bridging device. The SmartLink app can be found on Google Play. Use your Android mobile device and search Maclan SmartLink. With the SmartLink App you can:

  • Profile change/ save
  • ESC programming
  • Data logging display (coming in next update)
  • Online ESC firmware update

32-bit High Speed CPU – Redefining Performance!
The MMax Pro ESC was designed with an ultra-high performance 32-bit CPU as its central processing brain. Compared to the last generation 8-bit CPU’s found in every other ESC on the market, the 32-bit CPU in the MMax Pro ESC runs at much higher clock speed and bandwidth. With more memory and USB connectivity, the MMax Pro features next generation performance…today.

Algorithms for the Best Throttle and Braking
The MMax Pro utilizes not only the latest and fastest hardware, but it also has a completely redesigned algorithm firmware to maximize its strength over competitors. It precisely calculates PWM signals with the smoothest throttle and the strongest, most precise braking. The adjustable throttle and brake PWM frequencies pair with the most advanced hardware and software to make the MMax Pro ESC the top in class.

On Board Micro USB
The MMax Pro is the first ever surface competition ESC with an integrated micro USB port. This dedicated USB port allows you to connect to Maclan Racing ProLink programming card, OR you may directly connect the ESC to a Windows PC for both programming and firmware updating. This USB port also allows great flexibility going forward, making sure the MMax ESC will be outperforming the competition long into the future.

MS Windows Compatible Software

With the dedicated USB port, the MMax Pro ESC is able to connect to MS Windows PC’s for ESC programming, firmware updating and data logging.

Data Logging
The powerful MMax Pro ESC features a data logging function that records, temperature, voltage, and RPM. You can review the data by connecting the ESC to the ProLink (sold separately) or PC.


  • High performance 32-bit CPU for high speed and accurate processing
  • New generation firmware algorithms for the strongest ever throttle and brake performance
  • On board USB host for the ease of connectivity and unlimited future growth potential
  • Dual power-on options for the ease of operation. (controlled by switch or controlled by battery)
  • All aluminum structure with omnidirectional heatsink for optimum cooling performance
  • Modular connectors with optional length cables
  • Adjustable throttle and brake PWM frequency for fine tuning
  • 12 Built-in profiles from ROAR Approved Blinky Mode (zero timing) to mod, from on-road to off-road applications
  • Advanced Boost/Turbo/Over Boost system for top level racing
  • Motor/ESC temperature protection, and low voltage protection
  • MS Windows compatible software for data logging, programing, and firmware updating
Super speed 32-bit CPU with 5-stage pipeline
Scale: 1/10th
Mode: Sensored / Smart Sensorless
Continuous Current: 160A
MOSFET Rated Current: 400A/phase
Power Input: 2S Li-Po
Motor Limit: 2-Pole 3.5T
BEC Output: Linear Mode 6V to7.4V, 4A
Input Wires: Black-12AWG-200mm*2
Output Wires: Black-12AWG-200mm*3
Cooling Fan: 30x30x10mm HV turbo fan
Fan Power: Direct battery voltage
Net Weight: 48g (w/o wires and capacitor module)
Dimension: 40x30x19mm (w/o cooling fan) 
Verified Owner
Saturday, Mar 11 2017 (about 3 years ago)
Maclan MMAX Pro 160A Competition Sensored Brushless ESC w/Program Card
Awesome speedo tons of punch and super smooth throughout throttle range. It seems fairly heavy but it only makes sense do to the all aluminum case. Plan on getting another.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Feb 21 2017 (about 3 years ago)
Maclan MMAX Pro 160A Competition Sensored Brushless ESC w/Program Card
Verified Owner
Sunday, Aug 2 2020 (6 months ago)
Maclan MMAX Pro 160A Competition Sensored Brushless ESC w/Program Card
Just purchased 2 of these and I am very happy with them. The build quality is excellent and the response is super smooth. Makes you feel very connected to your car. Easy to program and set up. A+
Tuesday, Jun 20 2017 (about 3 years ago)
Maclan MMAX Pro 160A Competition Sensored Brushless ESC w/Program Card
(6/21/17)My pervious post is below. I got in contact with the tech and we flashed the ESC and that solved the problem. Very simple fix. I wish there was a way to do this with out contacting the distributer. Apparently there is a new update coming out for this ESC. Updating it will solve the problem as well. They just have to release the software first. My option of the ESC has changed but I still resent the process of solving this minor issue.

(6/20/17)"Look, I bought this thinking it was a fantastic esc. I have had nothing but issues. The esc will calibrate but on reboot, it gives an error led code that isn't in the manual, and isn't clear what it is. I attempted to update it and the ESC rejected it. I called the support number and it wasn't Maclan its self, it was the distributer and they only had ONE yes, ONE technician. Obviously, he was busy and still hasn't returned my call. This review is more of a review of the company. The product sadly hasn't had a chance to perform and prove me wrong. I do hope this ESC shines from me like it has for many others, but right now its only been disappointing."