M6 Driveshaft & Steering Block Set (Front, 6mm) by Tekno RC

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This is an optional Tekno RC M6 Driveshafts & Steering Block Set, and is intended for use with the Slash 4x4 and Stampede 4x4 trucks. The Tekno RC M6 Driveshafts and Steering Blocks will give your 4x4 the ultimate in performance and durability.

  • Custom 6mm stub axles - no more bending or breaking
  • Bigger outer bearing for better load handling 6x12x4 (stock is 5x11x4 outer)
  • Hardened steel driveshafts and drive cups
  • Captured CV drive pin - it can't fall out.
  • M6 steering block design with additional bump-steer adjustments
  • Eliminates slop
  • Stock wheels and nuts fit with no mods
  • Metric hardware throughout
  • 17mm adapter option (sold separately)

This product was added to our catalog on May 19, 2010.

David Watson
Verified Owner
Saturday, Feb 16 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Tekno RC M6 Driveshaft & Steering Block Set (Front, 6mm)
These things are awesome! I have had no problems with my steering blocks at all. Also if you want to prevent the bones from popping out use the rear outdrives in the front. I did this and it solves this issue. Have been running these all the way up to 4s. About to test them out on 6s and maybe 8s in the future.
Matt V.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 11 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Tekno RC M6 Driveshaft & Steering Block Set (Front, 6mm)
I LOVE these shafts! Much better than MIP's - I haven't had anything break running the Viper 5150Kv 4-pole system on 2S, landing 10-foot jumps with the throttle buried. BUY THESE. Need I say more? Well, yes. The one negative is that your wheels and hexes are now your drivetrain's weakest point. MAKE SURE your wheel nuts are securely tightened or both your wheel and hex will end up quite round. Some closing advice: BUY THESE.
Joel Smith
Verified Owner
Monday, Dec 15 2014 (about a year ago)
Tekno RC M6 Driveshaft & Steering Block Set (Front, 6mm)
Rear went on without any problems. These came without the right amount of the .8mm washers (4 instead of 6) so the toe will be all out now. Stub axle was also not machined perfectly so it caught on the inner bearing making it a nightmare to install. Lack of shims was an issue aswell lucky I ordered extras to shim the rears as they also did not include enough. Love the product but quality control was not there unfortunately.
David Turner
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jul 21 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Tekno RC M6 Driveshaft & Steering Block Set (Front, 6mm)
awesome product no way the pin can fall out nor can the drive shaft pop out make shure you buy the metal hub adapters
James Kennedy
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 9 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Tekno RC M6 Driveshaft & Steering Block Set (Front, 6mm)
The front shafts have worked well for me. If you are running very long travel the "bones" may come out. In this case I suggest looking at the outdrives for the pro-track suspension TKR6828X (longer). Have had no part breakage but maybe my lines are cleaner than other reviewer's were? Tekno has come out with some new stuff you may want to review their web site then come back here and order...
Patrick Samson
Verified Owner
Friday, Feb 21 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Tekno RC M6 Driveshaft & Steering Block Set (Front, 6mm)
These are nice light and conveniently designed. However I managed to snapped a pin barrel in half somehow during the first run on 3s. Not sure what happened, I didn't crash into anything, but I'm working on getting a replacement, it's entirely possible it was a freak accident with the one part.
Ben Beyer
Monday, Sep 5 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Tekno RC M6 Driveshaft & Steering Block Set (Front, 6mm)
Love the shafts, HATE the steering blocks. They are the weak point of my Slash. They break all the time and sometimes take out the caster block with them. Also the shafts are too short. You have to shim them all the way in and then run massive negative camber to keep them in. Don't waste your money!! Can't even compete because my truck is too brittle!!. Thanks for nothing Techno!! Ruined my race season