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Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer w/2.4GHz Radio, Battery & Charger

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Low Price: $199.99
Discontinued Online

The Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer offers a balance of fun and performance that you can only fully appreciate when you get behind the wheel. This is a car that takes the skillful yet pedestrian art of rock crawling and gives it power. And lots of it! A take-anywhere trail-blazer, mud bogger, hill climber and dust blaster, the Rock Rider is the perfect all-terrain all-rounder for back yard or back country driving.

Pop the clips, lift the body, and beneath youíll find a purpose designed 4WD powertrain and chassis thatís been thoroughly tested in the full range of off-road conditions and given a qualified seal of approval by Helion test drivers. Here, a mix of high-strength composites, a rugged high-performance 540 motor, all-weather ESC, plus a proven transmission and suspension system, combine to offer traction, speed, and stability when you most need it.

The fact is, Helion has given the Rock Rider an impressive arsenal of carefully considered mechanical weaponry, starting with a solid, 6-link rear axle that offers almost limitless tuning options. Heavy-duty front and rear differentials add to the mix, whilst corner-to-corner aluminum threaded shocks provide easy pre-load adjustment, smooth movement, and consistent handling. Topped with an independent front suspension system and high-grip all-weather tires for ultimate off-road traction, thereís much to admire. With hex bolts throughout, a fully protected spur gear housing and a shock-absorbing sprung servo saver, low maintenance is a priority, too.

Metric Power System
As youíll be wanting to run your Rock Rider over all manner of surfaces, it is equipped it with a high-performance 21-turn 550-size brushed motor and 40A all-weather ESC. This way, at least, you can be assured of reliable power no matter when or where you drive it.

1800mAh Battery and AC Charger
The Helion 1800mAh 6-cell rechargeable NiMH battery pack and included charger get you going right out of the box and deliver power enough for long run times and a dirt-kicking performance.

Advanced IKONNIK SR2+ Transmitter
Offering a class-leading feature set, the advanced IKONNIK SR2+ 2.4GHz 2-channel sport transmitter offers style, comfort and a solid interference-free performance, courtesy of IKONNIKís dependable Argon (Ar) protocol. Functions include servo reversing on both channels, steering dual rate, throttle trim, steering trim and a fail-safe option.


  • Rear Axle: Scale in appearance and offering the same benefits as a 1:1 Rock Racer, a 6-link rear axle with offset pumpkin offers almost limitless tuning options and improves ground clearance.
  • Ready to Run: The Helion Rock Rider is supplied 100% factory assembled and ready to run. Included is a rechargeable 6-cell, 7.2V 1800mAh battery, mains charger and 2-channel 2.4GHz IKONNIK SR2+ radio system with fully proportional steering and throttle control. All you need to complete is 8 ĎAAí batteries for the transmitter.
  • Front Suspension: An independent front suspension system combined with high-grip all-weather tires offers ultimate off-road stability and traction.
  • Transmission Cover: To improve reliability, reduce wear and keep you on the off-road for longer, weíve given the spur gear fully enclosed belt and braces protection.
  • Easy Access: Convenient maintenance access to the rear heavy-duty differential is via a scale-effect cover plate thatís secured with four hex bolts.
  • Scale Detailing: Realistic off-road style wheels, a spare, a roll cage, a driver and passenger and numerous other details make this the perfect canvas for adding your own scale accessories and making the Rock Rider a true one-off.
Motor: 21T 550 brushed with internal fan
ESC: Metric 40A
Battery: 6-cell 1800mAh NiMH with HCT plug
Gear Pitch: 48P
Wheels: 2.2 with 12mm hex
Length: 501mm (19.72in)
Height: 229mm 9.0in)
Width: 300mm (11.81in)
Wheelbase: 321mm (12.64in)
Weight (approx): 2720g (5.99lb)
Gear ratio: 11.2:1
Pair with: IKONNIK Argon protocol

  • Rock Rider 4WD rock racing truck
  • 2.4GHz steerwheel transmitter
  • 1800mAh 6-cell 7.2V NiMH battery
  • Mains charger for 7.2V NiMH battery
Needed to Complete:
  • (8) AA-size batteries for transmitter

This product was added to our catalog on December 9, 2016

Tuesday, May 2 2017 (about 2 years ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
I have always owned traxxas but I decided to give the rock rider a try and I am very impressed little slow with the regular batteries but use a 2s Lipo and it moves pretty good for a rock crawler great truck for half the price of traxxas
Monday, May 1 2017 (about 2 years ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
I've had no problems with my rc crawler i dont know what you guys are complaining about mine runs just fine they aint bullet proof
Thursday, Feb 2 2017 (about 2 years ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
FYI: The rc car magazine; RC DRIVER reviewed this vehicle in their March 2017 issue. It scored an overall score of 10. With a glowing review.
I bought the Rock Racer after owning the 18th scale Helion Animus. It was a great little truck that I upgraded to brushless, now I love it.
Any vehicle will break, if you mistreat it, I've had many..I like the Rock Racer, runs great, very tough, and great looking. My son 9 and my daughter 7 could both handle the vehicle and became good drivers with it. I've now upgraded it to the Traxxas Valineon brushless system with a 3S Lipo battery. It is a pure animal now! Wheelies at will at over 40mph stuff. If you're going this way prepare to fix it...although I am super impressed at how the stock drive train is holding up. Super great Truck! I love all the great support from the Hobbytown crew, Matt on down, all helpful and very knowledgeable! Thanks my people!
Wednesday, Jan 11 2017 (about 2 years ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
Great truck at a great price! It is extremely fun to drive and jumps with the short course trucks. The truck lacks power with the stock 7.2 volt battery but comes to life with a 2 cell lipo. I would buy it again and recommend it to anybody.
Thursday, Dec 29 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
Excellent truck.
Iv owned and like several other Helion brand cars and trucks and this one is the best yet. Has a good blend of speed, performance, and looks. It will go probably 15-20mph on the stock battery and handles well for a rock racer. This is not a rock crawler, for those wondering. it is meant for trail running and things at a bit higher speed. battery goes about 15-18 minutes stock and has the ability to run lipos if desired.
This is a perfect truck for the casual or weekend warrior rc enthusiast who wants to have fun but not break the bank. It may not be name brand quality but it performs and holds up very well. I'm happy with this vehicle and would highly recommend it.
Sunday, Jan 28 2018 (about a year ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
Ive owned the rock rider for about 3 months now. Within the first few rides the skid plate broke at the connection point of the rear trailing arm. It is extremely thin at those points and is made worse by the location of the mounting screws that further weaken the plate. Before you buy, take a look at it in store, you will see what I'm talking about. I WOULDN'T buy this RC unless you can also get a replacement chassis plate or the upgraded aluminum plate. Neither of which are in stock anywhere (online) in the U.S. or Europe. I have order the replacement aluminum plate from China but it will take 2 months to arrive. Its not a matter of if you will need it but when you will need it? Do yourself a favor and buy an additional plate or you will be stuck not using your RC for a while.

Everything on else on the Rock rider seems very solid. You would have to pay $350 and up to find a RC rock racer that has the suspension abilities as the rock rider. Its definitely worth the $199 with the exception that you can get an additional chassis plate at point of purchase.

The motor has enough power for a beginner RC enthusiast, but more power is desired shortly there after.(consider buying the rock rider brushless) The rock rider has two modes: regular and crawler mode. Only difference is that in crawler mode the motor acts a brake to allow for better control. When you let off the throttle the brake is immediately applied. (Do not use if you plan on driving at full speeds; It will likely do a somersault resulting in a broken chassis plate.)

I expected a better crawling experience given that this was a rock racer. The rock rider has no problem climbing a 3-4" incline but struggles to climb anything vertical unless you are approaching at a roll. In jumps the rock rider is very balanced as long as you adjust the shocks to your desired driving style.

The included 1800 NIMH battery only last 10-15 minutes between charges, charging takes about 3 hours with the included charger. But considering very few RTR RC come with battery/charger its a plus. Upgrading to a 3000+ NIMH or a 2s lipo will give you better speed and battery life.

Im rating this at a 3 of 5 for multiple reasons. If this RC had a better designed chassis plate, better customer service, available replacement parts, id give this a 5 of 5 all day. I wont likley buy another Helion product without looking for serious weak points.
Monday, Sep 11 2017 (about a year ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
Good truck for the money. Good first RC truck. Mine has no problems and I have ran it probably 30 times now. Just fun to drive. Climbs pretty good as well and will go over or thru about anything I have tried. I compared all trucks in this price range while I was looking. I kind of wish I had spent the extra 100 and got the brushless version, but I am very happy with this purchase. I am not an RC Truck enthusiast or into this hobby. I just thought it was a pretty cool truck and I wanted to try one. Just remember to compare apples to apples when shopping around as I think this may be an entry level truck, but if that is what you are looking for it seems worth the money.
Saturday, Aug 12 2017 (about a year ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
i recently decided i needed a new rc car and noticed the rock rider was very cool looking and was debating between a stampede and the rock rider and this was so much cheaper i just decided to buy it. on the first run it ran pretty well but was kind of slow. well maybe because all my other cars were stupid fast. but if you put 2s on it it actually goes pretty fast. well faster. well after driving it a couple times i decided it was time to upgrade to brushless so i dropped a sidewinder 3 in it and now it is a grass eating dirt chomping monster. it goes about 50 mph. i took it to our local rc track and bashed the heck out of it and didn't break one single part. it is very reliable and i have looked hard for a negative and could not find a single one. from day one i have never regretted buying this. and i saved some money over the stampede. my advice if you are looking for a good rc basher THIS IS THE ONE.
Thursday, Feb 14 2019 (5 months ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
I've had mine since beginning of Jan bashed jumped rolled flipped and haven't replaced 1 part it's awesome for beginners
Wednesday, Jan 9 2019 (6 months ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
I have been having trouble easily stripping especially trying to climb things and i want to figure out how to give it more torque to do that also i have the rock rider brushless with the 3s LiPo battery itís fast just not powerful anyone have any suggestions?
Monday, Sep 10 2018 (10 months ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
I just got this rock rider four days ago and it broke for no apparent reason, I jumped it a few times but nothing over 4 inches one jump I hit the ground and braked and something in the engine broke (most likely a gear) and there is conection to the wheels. Iím still trying to figure out what happened but I donít know yet. Itís still a good beginner car but this is probably not going to be an easy fix.
Saturday, Jun 9 2018 (about a year ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
Oh, another thing about this Rock Rider, if your a 1st timer, spend the money and buy a decent charger, 3 hours is a long wait. (wink wink)
To those that wrote bad reviews of this Truggy, STOP HITTING THINGS, LEARN TO DRIVE!!! I have driver it many times and had to replace Ö.wait for it.....nothing!!

It's a budget truck not a pro, don't expect it to do back flips, or go 100 MPH....if ya just wanna have fun, buy it
Friday, Mar 23 2018 (about a year ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
Was fun until a fairly unimpressive hit to the front snapped the chassis in two. Chassis has been on back order for awhile now. So it sits on a shelf waiting.
Tuesday, Feb 20 2018 (about a year ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
The stock battery, motor and controller suck but overall is a solid setup. News flash for these people saying it breaks too easy, run your real car into a wall or flip it and see how well it turns out. These things are not indestructible. I upgraded to the 8.4 3000 Ni battery and it helped but the motor and controller couldn't handle it and ended up toasting the motor. So I upgraded to a castle 3800kv brushless with the supporting controller and just wow!! This thing is an animal!!! It's now a wheelie monster and hits 35-40 mph easily maybe even faster but run out of room. I can't imagine what it will do with a 3S LiPo battery!! Going to buy another for myself as this one is for my kid and going to really hop this one up.
Thursday, Sep 14 2017 (about a year ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
i got it for my birthday and it is awesome love this thing, if you get the 3000 mili amp per hour battery it takes 7 hours to charge.Really fast love this item!!!
Thursday, Jun 29 2017 (about 2 years ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
This is my sosn favorite rc truck he has he has done lots of rides with it, and has installed a few hop ups, perfect truck for a starter
Wednesday, Jun 28 2017 (about 2 years ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
This out of all the Helion rc cars and trucks i own, is my absolute favorite. I have ran this thing so hard and bashed the living heck out of it. i will post a link to my youtube later but this thing is super fun, super strong, upgrade able, and in july, when the rock rider brushless comes out, they are also releasing aluminum parts for the rock riders. i love this thing, i run it off a 11 foot cliff at full speed and crash it. the only thing i have broken after running it 30+ times stock is the body, on the hood scoope i cracked it because i ran it full speed into a truck . and also i cut out the hoodscope for more air flow and messed up on my cutting. i have more vids of this thing than any of my helions . I love it to bits. I have taken it entirly apart and lubed every bearing and gear and took a rtr and turned it into a kit and turned it back into my own kit / rtr. I would tell everyone that they need to buy this truck, cheaper and better than the yeti , love helion and all their products. Everyone needs to stop complaining and giving this thing bad reviews when they break it. i have only broke the servo so i got a metal gear servo, and that solved my problem. if you are new to rc, get this truck, its easy to work on and easy to maitain and on the stock battery, fully charged, it lasts me 16 minuts at full throttle going down the street in front of my truck without stopping and if im just blasting on the trail and jumps and going fast it last me 18 and if im climbing and going up hills and going slow down or up it lasts me 20. all i have done to this is sealed the reciver box, new servo, new atenna, and 4 holes in each tire to release water, i always clean mine with a air hose , never water, and i have broken no parts, i have lubed everything on it with anti seize and wd 40 . Love this thing so much and when they release the brushless version ill swap the esc and motor with the one off the new rock rider brushless. by far better than a yeti or slash. and if you cant wait till july for alumimum parts, you can buy alumimum parts for the ftw outlaw, exact same car just england version /copycat. im loyal to helion and pefer helion products over traxxis or axial, since in reality traxxis, axial, typhon( i think its typhoon ot typhink something like that, ) helion, and a few others are the main rc brands and i would be willing to say that Helion should be rank #4 , or even #3 in top rc brands. anyways, have a good day and vist my youtube link , i will upload it shortly.
Verified Owner
Friday, May 5 2017 (about 2 years ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
I had high hopes for this car. It's my first helion and it seemed pretty durable from the YouTube videos. Got it tore into it and charger it and let it rip... er more like take off at a brisk pace. The motor esc combo are beyond weak. Maybe 8-12 mph. Has a super weak servo even for budget rcs it's embarrassing. So I took it to the park for some minor running. I noticed after a bit that the car wasn't turning to the right very well.

Decided to call it and go home. After very light running this car broke. What? No major crashes no jumps bigger than 3" and one of the rear supports broke. Smh. So know when you buy this you're essentially buying a roller because other than the receiver and transmitter everything has to go. Also helion does not sell any upgrades. But you can find them if you look hard enough. So in the end know your going to wind up spending at least 2-300 on upgrades to make this thing respectable. Good base but needs lots of work.
Saturday, Dec 24 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
I just purchased this one for christmas so I would have one to drive with my son. I purchased an SCX10 based truck for him and the rock rider for me. (Mainly because it was 1/2 the cost). This thing is way faster and much more stable than the SCX10 based car I purchased. If I had to do it all again, I would buy to of the these RCs and pocket the extra money for upgrades. Great Car....Great Price!
Saturday, Jan 13 2018 (about a year ago)
Helion Rock Rider RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
Peice of junk. I have owned this truck for a couple of months and so many things have gone wrong. A: The ESC is crap B: Tires are not glued well C: The steering does not work at all D: The screws strip so easily C: the parts are so cheap every time I drive it something breaks. It has gotten to where i'm spending about 10 a week fixing cheap china plastic.