Flite Test Twin Sparrow Electric Airplane Kit (723mm)

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Flite Test Twin Sparrow Electric Airplane Kit (723mm)
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The Flite Test Twin Sparrow is a new twist on an FT Classic! From chuck glider to Full FPV platform with differential thrust, this little bird will not disappoint. The Twin Sparrow was designed to create an enjoyable and fast build experience while also teaching you all the needed skills to build any of the Flite Test designs.  On a 2 cell battery, the FT Twin Sparrow is a fantastic trainer that can teach all the needed to have success in flight. Once upgrading to 3s or 4s LiPo, you have a fast and nimble flyer that will carve up the skies!  

The FT Twin Sparrow was designed with the mindset of being a staple in every hangar or in the back of every car.  We can't wait to see what the amazing community does with this little bird. 

Needed to Complete 

  • Power Pack H
  • 2s to 3s 450mAh LiPo Battery
  • LiPo Battery Charger
  • 6 Channel Radio System
  • Misc. Building Supplies
  • (1) 2.4GHZ Radio System (Radio & Receiver)
  • Misc. Building Supplies.

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Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 27 2021 (7 months ago)
Flite Test Twin Sparrow Electric Airplane Kit (723mm)
Great little plane! I checked out the videos regarding how to hook up twin engines (as this was my first) and had no issues calibrating the esc's. It is amazingly stable at high and low speeds. Lots of jam with a 3s,and runs just great with a 2s for a more relaxing day at the park. I originally ordered it just to learn how to hook up and fly a twin engine, then use the electroics for a home build... But it flys so nice I'm going to keep it intact!
Verified Owner
Thursday, Apr 25 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Twin Sparrow Electric Airplane Kit (723mm)
It is really fun to build and decorate. I used spray paint with primer, much better than paint without primer because of the dark brown color of the foamboard. The rear delta wing design has a lot of improvement areas. I would recommend to use more glue where the wing angle touches the bottom of the tail.
BEWARE: you need to calibrate the ESCs before you fly this. The calibration is not explained in the build video by Josh nor in any flite test video. The instructions are in the paper with fine print that comes with your ESCs and there are many youtube videos explaining this. It seems like all ESCs from the same brand use the same calibration procedure. Calibration is easy, you just need to use the transmitter, no cables required for the ESCs that comes with the kit (although you may use). The reason for calibrating is for making both propellers start at the same time, if you don't have it then you will crash (as happened to me), since the plane was only able to flight straight when transmitter was at full throtle. After callibrating make sure both propellers start at the same time when you apply minimum throtle (more than 0) and keep rotating at the same speed. if one propeller stops and the other still rotating you need to calibrate. I only understood this when I build the Sea Duck and Josh said that both ESCs had to be calibrated (at that point I rescued the twin sparrow from the graveyard, fixed it and callibrated the ESCs). Now the Twin Sparrow flies, not great, but flies. This plane is really really bad on windy days, even a small breeze will make it stall on the nose. I will play with different CGs to see if that helps. I am using the CG recommended by Josh in the video but there are many forums debating the Sparrow CG.
One more important thing I had to do is to reinforce the rear delta wing with carbon fiber panel because it is very fragile, it bends easily into undesired angles. If I had to build this plane again I would cover the entire rear wing with 0.3mm carbon fiber panel to make it structuraly resistant and for it to keep the shape.

One more think. It will be great if the balsa wood shafts would be sold separately, so I don't need to build a full sparrow kit to build the foam sea gliders like Josh did in the walmart foam glider video.