DETC410 V2 1/10 Electric Touring Car Kit by Team Durango

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Frederick, MD

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Team Durango
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
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This product was added to our catalog on November 6, 2015.

This is the Team Durango DETC410 V2 1/10 Scale Electric Touring Car Kit. The DETC410v2 provides the ultimate Touring Car race machine for drivers who demand faster lap times and precision engineered design. Developed during countless hours of track testing, the DETC410v2 possesses a host of feature refinements and material improvements that you can actually feel, lap after lap. Race harder than ever before, take control of the DETC410v2 and become part of our exciting Touring Car evolution:

  • Stiffer - Stiffer materials, enhanced rigidity.
  • Lighter - Reduced weight, increased efficiency.
  • Stronger - Refined for greater durability.
  • Faster - Advanced design, faster lap times. 

In-Depth Features:

  • Poised for Performance: Loaded with premium quality components and precision engineered race-ready features, the DETC410v2 will thrust you straight into intense Touring Car track action, safe in the knowledge that durability, consistent performance and advanced tuning capabilities are supplied as standard.
  • Increased Rigidity Refined Handling: The DETC410v2 features new composite materials that are stiffer, meaning you will feel improved handling on high-grip tracks. This will allow you to focus on every apex as your DETC410v2 commands every turn.
  • Push Harder, Increased Durability: To win you must finish. The new and improved composite materials have a higher carbon content than previous materials, meaning they remain stable in a wider range of temperatures. The DETC410v2 has increased durability with improved hardware mounting holes for increased resistance to the extreme forces that are exerted on Touring Cars.
  • Reduced Weight, Ballistic Pace: Losing weight to gain extra track speed was all part of our extensive refinement process, allowing you to squeeze every 1/100 from your laps. The DETC410v2 is now lighter in stock build configuration, increasing the potential power-to-weight ratio straight from the kit box.
  • Tuned for Peak Performance: The DETC410v2 kit provides two full sets of Suspension Arms, Front Hubs, Front Steering Blocks and Rear Hubs, with two different material values. This means you can tune your vehicle for peak performance, dependent on the ambient temperature, level of traction available and weather conditions.
  • Secure Settings, Consistent Tuning: Revisions to the design of the DETC410v2 Ball Cups provide ultimate security for your chosen settings. Increased durability and improved impact resistance mean you can attack the track with confidence.
  • Super-Smooth, Increased Precision: Your DETC410v2 will provide ultra-smooth Diff operation, with revised softer O-Rings for consistent sealing. Diff Cross-Shaft tolerances have been rigorously tested and improved for super-smooth power transfer in all track conditions.
  • Stock Class Capable, Straight from the Box: Included in your kit are a range of precision Spur Gears, allowing the use of specialist gearing configurations. The DETC410v2 will allow you to set up and balance your gearing selection for optimum performance. Click the PDF Gear Chart below to learn more.
  • Anti-Tweak Consistent Fitting: A newly designed Motor Mount fitment now provides less opportunity for Chassis tweak during building and servicing, meaning you can hit the track confident your car is dialed.
  • Smooth & Efficient, Perfect Power Transfer: Super-smooth all-wheel belt-drive is at the heart of the DETC410v2, with dual BandoTM precision Belts to create ultra-efficient power transfer in all conditions. The newly designed front Spool Outdrives are stronger than ever, meaning you can be certain that you can harness fast and consistent Driveshaft operation, lap after lap.


  • Performance Shocks
  • D-Joint Driveshafts
  • Battery Adjustment
  • Precision Servo Mount
  • Tunable Anti-Squat
  • Adjustable Body Mounts
  • Ultra-Durable Bumper

14.4" (365mm) including bumper
7.3" (185mm) Nominal Width 7.2 - 7.4 (182mm - 189mm) Depends on setup
10" - 10.3" (254 - 261mm) Adjustable
Racing Weight: 1350g (47.6oz) Approx (Depends on electronics used)
Internal Gear Ratio: 1.95:1

Needed to Complete:

  • 1/10 Motor & ESC
  • Pinion Gear
  • 2 Channel Surface Transmitter System
  • High Speed Steering Servo
  • 190mm Body & Polycarbonate Paint for Body
  • Tires, CA glue
  • 2S 7.4V LiPo & Compatible Battery Charger
  • Shock & Diff Fluid
  • Tools for building