Dave Brown Products Carbon Fiber Tape (3/4"x12')

Dave Brown Products Carbon Fiber Tape (3/4"x12')
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This is a 12 foot length of Dave Brown Products 3/4" Carbon Fiber Tape. Carbon Fiber Tape is a space age material that could more than double the life of your model. Carbon Fiber is among the strongest materials known to man. By epoxying the tape in those crucial areas (such as foam wings, around cut-outs in wings, and along fuselage sides), it can extend the life of any model.

NOTE: Do not unwrap the Carbon Fiber Tape from the cardboard or take the masking tape off until ready use. When cutting this material, put a piece of masking tape on the Carbon Fiber, then cut through the tape. Failure to do this can result in a raveled mess. The easiest way to apply this material is to lay it flat on a surface and smooth it out with your fingers. Cut the masking tape off the ends with scissors or a razor blade, then apply an adhesive (any 5 to 30 minute epoxy will work fine) to the FOAM or WOOD and carefully pick up the Carbon Fiber Tape by both ends and lay it in the adhesive. Then, smooth the tape down with your fingers, squeezing the epoxy up through the carbon fibers. Once the epoxy has hardened, trim off the root end of the wing and sheet as normal.

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