Crazy Aaron's Poke'n Dots Popp'n Putty Tin

Crazy Aaron's Poke'n Dots Popp'n Putty Tin
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The Delight of Poke'n Dots Popp'n Putty Tin by Crazy Aaron

Unleash the joyous symphony of crackling, popping, and snapping with Poke'n Dots Popp'n Putty Tin. This enchanting putty is a vibrant fusion of rainbow-colored beads, creating a visually mesmerizing and audibly captivating experience. Master the art of popping to unleash its magical sounds, and explore the boundless possibilities of sensory entertainment.

Thinking Putty® takes tactile play to the next level by offering a unique and engaging experience. As you interact with Poke'n Dots Popp'n Putty, you're not only indulging in its tactile qualities but also building hand and finger strength. The putty's unexpected properties provide relaxation and stimulation, making it an ideal choice for individuals with sensory integration issues.

Designed by Crazy Aaron, this putty prioritizes safety and enjoyment. It's non-toxic, resistant to drying out, and leaves no sticky or slippery residue on your fingers. This versatility makes it perfect for stretching, molding, bouncing, tearing, popping, and play, bringing joy to kids and adults alike.


  • Unique Auditory Experience: Crackle, pop, and snap the rainbow-colored beads for magical sounds


  • (1) Tin of Poke'n Dots Popp'n Putty

This product was added to our catalog on September 29, 2022