Byron Originals 30% RACE 3000 Gen2 Car Fuel (One Quart)

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This is one quart of Byron Originals 30% RACE 2000 Gen2 Car Fuel! Byron Originals Gen2 Nitro Fuel is a revolutionary new car engine lubrication system that will, without question, represent the largest and greatest improvement in R/C car fuels the industry has witnessed in the past 15 to 20 years.

The process that ended up in the development of Gen2 Fuels began nearly 18 months ago with an initial strategy session between one supplier, one industry expert and our own staff. We aimed to increase all aspects of performance and at the same time increase all levels of engine protection. Until the development of the new lubrication package that is the secret to Gen2 success, these two goals did not peacefully co-exist. Lower oil contents were always the answer for increased power and lower oil contents always ended in shorter engine life.

The key to Gen2 is a revolutionary lubrication package. We have incorporated several features that have been proven in full scale racing and the result is a lubrication that finds its way around the engine with less restrictions. The increased flowability of the lubrication package allows the engine to release more power at leaner settings and at the same time lubricate the engine more effectively and efficiently.

Product evaluation has taken place not only in the US but in the Far East and Europe as well. Original formulas were tested, reformulated, tested, improved, tested and further improved. The final steps were to fully evaluate the new Gen2 Fuels under the most excruciating race conditions — both on-road and off-road. The products as they are soon being made available, have been praised by our testers and evaluators. And some of the evaluators were not using Byron Fuel at the start of the test program but have made the switch since being involved in this program. We offer these products to our customers with the highest degree of confidence.

Benefits of Byron RACE Gen2 Fuels
  • More power throughout the entire throttle range
  • Leaner operation for substantially greater mileage
  • Consistently cooler operating temperatures
  • Easier, less elusive tuning
  • Enhanced flowability
  • Increased high pressure film strength leaves engine well lubricated following runs and guarantees the same performance sport fuels
  • Induction sealed bottle eliminates contamination and keeps fuel fresh until you are ready to use it
  • Proven Byron pledge of quality and consistency you’ve come to expect from the leader in model engine fuels

NOTE: Due to regulations from the federal government's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our fuel shipper assesses a surcharge above and beyond the standard shipping charge for each 4 gallon case of fuel ordered. This charge will be included in the shipping charges for the fuel.

This product was added to our catalog on January 30, 2008

Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 3 2017 (about 3 years ago)
Byron Originals 30% RACE 3000 Gen2 Car Fuel (One Quart)
This is he only fuel I run in my Truggys, I have 2 the Losi TLR 8t and a RTR 8T, the RTR is my beater/basher/loaner it currently has a Roma .25. My TLR 8T is my race Truggy, I have a selection of Engines that are ready to go, a OS .21XZ-B SPEC III, LRP ZR.32X, and a Novarossi Virtus. I break in all of my engines on Top Fuel 20%, I thermo cycle 6x, then run 4 to 6 tanks at idle (depending on how hot the engine gets, and how the engine sounds), then 4 more tanks increasing throttle with each tank until I feel its ready to rock. I haven had any issues with this fuel running hot as another review says, he probably had the engine to lean, I always error in the rich side just to be safe. Granted I am not the best tuner out there, I accidently leaned out Roma to much for a a minute the other day, it jumped to 300 degrees, I caught it right away, shut down and let it cool. I am going to try mixing the Race3000 up to 12% oil once its been extremely hot here in WA state, and getting my engines to tune and not overheat has been difficult, I use Byron Lube Booster, or Novarossi 1N1 extra castor oil, both work great,right I have Byron Lube Booster on hand. I have used the Lube Booster to mix my Race3000 up 20% oil when I don't have Top Fuel 20/20 and the local shop is out. My local shop won't (they say can't) order Byron Race 3000 gallons for me, even if I pre pay and order 4, neither will Hobby Town, thank God for A Main otherwise I d never have or spare parts (since they won't stock 8t parts either) then they bitch buisness is down. Thanks A Main gr8 the excellent service and super fast shipping
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 6 2014 (about 7 years ago)
Byron Originals 30% RACE 3000 Gen2 Car Fuel (One Quart)
Good results so far after four quarts through the Novarossi P5 in our JQ 1/8 scale buggy. Broke in the motor on the 30/11 fuel and then switched over to the Byron 30/9 (30% nitro - 9% oil). Good stuff!
Verified Owner
Saturday, Feb 21 2009 (about 12 years ago)
Byron Originals 30% RACE 3000 Gen2 Car Fuel (One Quart)
After using Trinity Monster Horsepower variants for about the fits gallon of fuel though my .12 buggy, I switched to this fuel. At first, It ran poor, however after changing to a colder plug, and getting a little more aggressive in the fuel curve, I must admit, it is a difference of night and day. I really think if you havent, you should try out a quart and see what it can do for you!
Friday, Mar 8 2013 (about 8 years ago)
Byron Originals 30% RACE 3000 Gen2 Car Fuel (One Quart)
i have a savage x 4.6 and i got this fuel to try and after one quart my engine seazed up(i had it running rich) and after i started to take my engine apart i found that this fuel made the cylinder expand and melt from the heat(this fuel runs hot) and when i looked at my crankshaft i found that it was bent(it was never like this before). the day before this i had a crash and the fuel spilled all over the body wich melted the body not to menchin that it burst in to flames,after the fire whent out i draned the tank and found that the fuel was melting my gas tank. I WILL NEVER USE THIS FUE