Aerotech Interlock Launch Controller Kit

Aerotech Interlock Launch Controller Kit
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This is the AeroTech Interlock Launch Controller Kit. The Interlock Launch Controller is a durable device that can be used to electronically ignite ALL your model rocket motors from 1/4A size up to a G-size engine. This unit features large clips that allow you to hook it up directly to a 12V car battery, providing adequate amperage and a hefty jolt of electricity to ignite even the most finicky of igniters. Also, if you drive your car to the launch site, you can rest assured that you have a good battery and that you will not show up at a launch site to find that your launch controller battery is dead.

This controller has been designed to prevent accidental launches when given to younger children. It takes two hands to operate, and will not launch unless the safety key is properly inserted.

Safety features:
  • Two-Handed Operation: This prevents accidental ignition of the rocket. One hand is used to firmly hold the safety key in, while the other hand is used to push the launch button.
  • Audible Warning Tone: When the key has been inserted into the controller a tone is emitted, notifying you that there is a complete circuit and your igniter has been hooked up properly. This also warns spectators that you are getting ready to launch.
  • 40-foot (12.2 m) Long Wires: This is the longest controller wire that offered by AeroTech. It is ideal for larger rockets (up to G-engine size), because it allows you to stand farther back when launching your rockets. According to the NAR safety code, you should be at least 20 feet away when launching rockets larger than a D-engine. This controller allows you to double that safety distance.
  • Armed Display Status Window: When you insert the safety key, the window changes from green to red. This lets you know that you are armed for launch.
  • Automatic Safety Key Ejection: Once you release your hands from the controller, the safety key automatically pops out of the controller, preventing you from accidentally leaving the key in the launch controller.
  • High Visibility Graphics: Makes it easy to see while the controller is laying in the grass.
  • Cool Flip-Top Cover: When folded down, it closes off the safety key slot, preventing you from inserting the key until someone consciously opens up the device. It also keeps dirt and dust from entering the unit.
  • Copperhead Clip: This unit includes a special clip that was designed to be used with the Aerotech copperhead igniters. If you want to use a different brand igniter, standard type alligator clips will need to be installed in place of the Copperhead clips.
NOTE: Requires assembly

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