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    The Glide is Yomega’s long – awaited professional level yo yo. The result of over a year of engineering and technical refinement, the Glide is ready to be taken on stage. This piece has been engineered for perfect weight in at 66gramswithout string and is 2.25 inches across. String gap is .163 inches. The Glide includes a silicone pad return system and a Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing. A small production run of several custom finishes ensures that you will have a limited edition piece to call your own. This is a non responsive yo-yo.

    • Specs on the Glide yo-yo: Weight: 66 grams Width: 43mm Gap Width: .163 inches / 4.14 mm Diameter: 2.25 inches/57 mm Bearing size: C-size Dif-e-Yo Konkave Response: Silicone Pad