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    Traxxas 5030 Top Fuel 33% Nitro, Quart

    When it comes to your prized engine, you don't want to take chances with your fuel. Using the wrong fuel can cause hard starting, poor performance, and excessive engine wear. Some fuels can actually destroy engines, filling them full of deposits and corrosion. Years ago we saw the need for a dependable quality fuel that both we and our customers could count on for power, consistency, and reliability. Over a thousand hours of dyno testing and real-world running was invested to develop the formula for Top Fuel Power Plus. Today that formula has been proven in hundreds of thousands of engines to provide incredible performance and excellent engine life. You can trust Top Fuel Power Plus in your engine. Top Fuel Power Plus has been quality-blended to protect our engines and our reputation. Only Traxxas fuel is 100% certified for use in Traxxas engines. Don't take a chance with anything else.

    • 10% more nitro content than 30% racing blends
    • Delivers more punch and acceleration
    • Easy tuning and cooler running
    • Synthetic and natural lubricants for excellent protection
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    Product description
    Dynamite RC Blue Thunder Sport 20%, Quart

    Blue Thunder still America s #1 racing fuel and the fuel of choice for more race winners over the past decade than with any other brand. World-renowned engine expert Ron Paris formulated Blue Thunder to quickly bring your engine to operating temperature, allow correct tuning of the carb after just a few laps and maintain that level throughout even the longest mains.Blue Thunder Sport Formula is ideal for those who are new to gas cars or for drivers that want maximum protection for their engines. It features a unique additive called ZX-7 that provides over-lean indication protection. When an engine is over-leaned, internal engine temperatures dramatically increase. At these critical temperatures, Blue Thunder Sport Forumla actually changes from a lubricant to a combustible, giving an immediate indication to the driver that the mixture is too lean. On the track, if the engine is over-leaned, the driver willl immediately notice that the car will hesitate during acceleration, indicating that it's time to pull in and richen the mixture. If the engine continues to run at these overly lean settings it will quit before damage to internal engine components occurs.

    • Developed by world-renowned engine expert Ron Paris
    • Reduced engine wear
    • Superior performance
    • Thermal overload protection
    Product description
    Traxxas 5020 Top Fuel Power Plus 20% Nitro, Quart

    Traxxas Top Fuel Power Plus is the best choice for use in Traxxas cars and trucks delivering power, tuning ease, and protection you can count on. Traxxas Top Fuel Power Plus is quality blended with the best ingredients to protect our engines and our reputation! The new Power Plus blend features superior additives such as a non-foaming agent for consistent running and a wetting agent to improve engine lubrication. Plus, high-performance anti-oxidants and rust inhibitors virtually eliminate the need for after run oil.* Top Fuel Power Plus is made specifically for cars and trucks to meet the incredible demands they place on engines and fuels. The oil percentages are specially balanced to provide just the right amount of lubrication for long engine life and to provide the crisp, clean throttle response you demand in a car fuel. Top Fuel Power Plus is designed to maintain stability and peak performance in hostile nitro environments. The long term performance and reputation of our engines is on the line with each tank of fuel so you can be confident that the blending and lubrication package in Top Fuel Power Plus is going to be just right, time-after-time. Don't take chances with your engine investment. Use the only fuel tha's 100% Traxxas certified for power and protection in Traxxas engines.

    • 100% Traxxas certified for performance adn engine life in Traxxas engines
    • Clear plastic bottles seal tight and make it easy to see the remaining fuel quantity
    • High perfromance anti-oxidants and rust inhibitors can virtually eliminate the need for after run oil
    • High-tech synthetic lubrication for crisp throttle response and natural castor lubrication for overlean protection
    • Works great in most any nitro car or truck glow engine
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