29mm RMS F40-7W Rocket Motor Reload by Aerotech

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Frederick, MD

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This is an AeroTech 29mm RMS F40-7W Rocket Motor Reload Kit, and is intended for use with AeroTech RMS 29/140 Motors. This reload kit is only compatible with AeroTech Reloadable System (RMS) Hardware. AeroTech’s unique and patented Reloadable Motor System (RMS) model rocket motors deliver D, E, F, and G power at the lowest per flight cost available in the hobby.

Motor Effects; White Lightning™ (W): A brilliant white flame, dense bright white exhaust and a throaty roar are the hallmarks of this popular propellant. Easy to track. Exciting to watch! White Lightning looks and sounds like actual sounding rockets and launch vehicles. Special effects professionals and aerospace companies specify the AeroTech White Lightning propellant to achieve realistic simulation.  

Primary Use: Single Stage
Propellant Weight: 1.41oz. (40gms)
Loaded Motor Weight: 4.4oz. (126gms)
Average Thrust: 9lbs. (40N)
Aerotech Product Number: 64007


  • (1) Liner (1" O.D. tube)
  • (1) Propellant Grain (long slotted part)
  • (1) Delay Grain (short solid part)
  • (1) Grain Adapter (7/8" O.D. tube)
  • (1) Delay Spacer (9/16" O.D. Washer or tube)
  • (1) Delay Insulator (5/8" O.D. tube)
  • (1) Delay O-Ring (5/8" O.D. x 3/32" thick)
  • (1) Forward O-Ring (1/16" thick x 1" O.D.)
  • (1) Forward Insulator (1" O.D. washer)
  • (1) Nozzle (black plastic part)
  • (1) Aft O-Ring (1/16" thick x 1" O.D.)
  • (1) Copperhead Igniter
  • (1) Ejection Charge Container/Nozzle Cap
  • (1) Instructions on how to use Copperhead igniters
  • (1) Detailed assembly and operation instructions