120SRX Side Exhaust Helicopter Engine w/Fuel Injection by YS Engines

YS Engines
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
This is the YS 120SRX Side Exhaust, Fuel Injected Helicopter Engine. With changes that produce dramatic improvements over the standard 120SR, the 120SRX is a game changer. With mounting dimensions that are the same as a standard 90 class engine, the 120SRX makes it easy to add more power to your 90/700 class nitro machine.

Features include a balanced crankshaft that virtually eliminates vibration, combined with a redesigned crank case that includes porting changes for smoother power. A larger cooling head has been developed that extends below the case for improved cooling, and a factory preset regulator/fuel injection system makes the engine easier to tune and more reliable. Combine these changes with a steel lined back plate that reduces drag and creates even more horsepower and you have a great option when you want increased power in a 90 size package. 

  • Balanced crank shaft for reduced vibration
  • Redesigned crank case, with porting changes for more power and smoother running
  • Larger cooling head extends lower towards the crank and fits around the cylinder case like a jacket
  • Same mounting as a 90-class engine makes it easy to add more power to existing 90-class helicopter platforms with no modifications
  • Factory-preset regulator for consistent, reliable operation positive fuel flow during all conditions
  • Steel lined back plate minimizes drag for increased horsepower
Displacement: 19.93cc
Bore: 30.80mm
Stroke: 27.5mm
Weight: 544g

This product was added to our catalog on May 23, 2014.