10 Amp Multi-Rotor ESC w/SimonK Firmware by Next Level

This is the Next Level 10 Amp Multi-Rotor ESC with SimonK Firmware. Next Level Speed Controllers are designed for use in multi-rotor type aircraft, and have all of the parameters pre-set for that purpose. This version of the Next Level 10 Amp ESC comes pre-loaded with SimonK firmware for optimal response in your Multi-Rotor model. The SimonK firmware allows use of up to 600 Hz control signal refresh rates and and provides nearly instantaneous response to command signals from your flight controller board.

  • Extremely low output resistance for efficient operation
  • 3-stage protection: Low Voltage Cutoff, Over-Heat Protection & Signal Loss
  • 3 Start Modes available: Normal, Soft and Very Soft
  • Adjustable Throttle Endpoints to match virtually all transmitter models
  • Smooth linear throttle operation for precise control
  • High RPM capability: 210,000 (2-pole), 70,000 (6-pole), 30,000 (14 pole)
  • Weight: 11 grams.
NOTE: Due to the faster response rate of the SimonK firmware, you will most likely need to turn down the gains slightly in your flight controller board to prevent over-control or oscillation of your Multi-Rotor model. 

This product was added to our catalog on June 18, 2014.