.28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug) by O.S.

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The new O.S. 28XZ Competition Truggy Engine – perfectly balanced power for today’s truggies! With input from top truggy drivers, O.S. has developed the ideal engine for these hybrid hot rods! The 28XZ produces more low-end torque, providing the rpm/torque balance that heavier truggies require. The result is power that’s incredibly smooth! And the 28XZ comes with all the components serious racers need for fine-tuning to meet any conditions: Two carb inserts – a 9mm blue for higher rpm applications and larger tracks and an 8mm red for smaller tracks that restrict air intake, an extra copper head shim for more head raising/lowering options and a piston sleeve that boasts 6 ports for significantly increased power.

• The larger head aids in cooling and is a 2-piece construction with inner head button.
• A sealed front bearing and high-performance inner bearing are part of the new crankcase design.
• The high-performance con rod features oiled bushings.
• Three needles enhance fine-tuning on the 21J slide-valve carb.
• Comes with a high-performance P3 hot turbo plug
• The Mark Pavidas Edition Tuned Pipe is the perfect accessory for the 28XZ; flywheel sets are required (sold separately) for certain truggy models.

Displacement: 0.284 cu in (4.65 cc)
Bore: 0.728 in (18.5 mm)
Stroke: 0.681 in (17.3 mm)
Practical rpm: 4000-38,000
Power Output: 3.31 hp @ 32,000 rpm
Weight: 13.1 oz (375 g)

This product was added to our catalog on July 30, 2007

Saturday, Sep 5 2009 (about 9 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
this engine is the best investment i ever made...


i put it in my inferno gt2 fits like charm and it has an awesome kick...

the car feels like it want to TAKE OFF and FLY
gilles gautron
Thursday, Sep 15 2011 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
After 4 years and 8 plus gallons,2 rear bearings[sucked dirt twice],one rod changed for saftey [had a blown servo twice stuck high rpm],2 heads [got hit and fins fell off]Best motor i have had.
Shane F.
Wednesday, Dec 8 2010 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
This engine is a beast! More power and tunability than any engine I have ever ran. I also can pit between 8-9 minutes in a truggy on a fast track.
Saturday, Apr 26 2014 (about 4 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
I don't race but most of the guys I bash with run LRPs or Piccos. I thought those were powerful until I showed up day with this and blew the field away. lol I was skeptical about the price but as others have stated, it's worth every cent.
Bjorn-Erik Vibo
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 16 2010 (about 8 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
I bought this engine for my Losi 8ight T 2.0 RTR,
The Losi 454 that came with the car was fast, but this thing is extreme and i only have 2 gallons of fuel on it now.
I changed the venturi from 9 to 7 mm, and for now i get 8 min runtime, dont know how much less it will use after some gallons more, but i like the fact that i have to tune it down to make it drivable.
I drive here in Spain and the race finals last 30 min, i should be able to make it with 3 fuelstops.
I also belive that with running a 28 engine it will tear less on the engine than if i would used a 21.
If anyone else have experience with this engine i would like to hear about it.
James Vega
Saturday, Feb 27 2010 (about 8 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
We have two of these in losi 8T truggies. Run times are 7.5 to 8 min., the only complaint I have with them is they kill drive line components, lots of power. Using 6mm carb insert tamed it down nicely, and comes off 7 min. qual. w/ 1/4 tank left in it. Nice engines.....
OS fan
Monday, Jan 4 2010 (about 8 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
Most guys at my local track suggested I stick with Italian engines and that OS wasn't a reputable brand. During break in this engine did not miss a beat and tuned with ease. All the guys were impressed and some had never even heard of the 28XZ. After making a couple laps I was impressed and had their attention. Needless to say I'm not hearing any more comments(negative that is) about OS. The power it puts out is incredible and had to put in the smaller carb insert to keep it manageable on the track which from what I've read in these reviews is common. I'm using a JP-2 pipe and seems to work well. I've only run a few gallons of fuel through it but couldn't be happier with it's performance.
Ben Dover
Friday, Oct 2 2009 (about 8 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
Just broke in this engine and all I can say is WOW!! If you're looking for a mill with insane power and speed so much that most will tune it down a touch for track running (atleast for our shorter track) This is it!! If you bash or street race or anything to the sort and you can afford a higher priced mill you don't need to look any longer You will not be disappointed.I have the Trinity Extech .24 Full Modded great for milage not for power I wish I would have just listened and bought this to begin with.No question OS mills are popular and now I understand why!Milage-Shhmilage Drive it like you stole it!!!
James Botkins
Saturday, Jun 13 2009 (about 9 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
I have 2 of theses mills and both of them are killer mills both have over 2 gallons with no slop anywhere.only miner thing i had was the carb boots leak, but some lucky seven seal fixed it.......if you like on the edge of out of controll power this is the mill for you !!!!!!! no bull here
Scott Musgrave
Friday, May 1 2009 (about 9 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
After a month with this engine I am very impressed.. The only complaint I have is the fule mileage, but what do you expect with a .28 engine. I am working tuning it down. Just ordered a 6mm and 7mm carb inserts to help wrangle this thing in. And, if it is possible this engine makes too much power... Hard to get it to hook up. But, the power w/8mm insert is ultra smooth, and screams from bottom to top with a JP3 pipe.. I have this installed in a Jammin X-1 Crt. I'm going to try a few different pipes and carb inserts to try and get better fuel mileage and keep the smooth reliable power..

Overall this is an outstanding engine, and is highly recommended.. Remember it is easier to detune an engine than it is to squeeze more out of it...
Brett Redd
Sunday, Feb 15 2009 (about 9 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
This engine is incredible. It pulled my Inferno GT to 68.5 MPH @32,500 RPM. Easy to break-in and tune, and it's coming even stronger on the second gallon. This is the best engine I've ever owned.
Bruce Stevanus
Wednesday, Nov 19 2008 (about 9 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
I shoe horned this monster in my Revo...... wow! Took a few mods, but well worth the time I spent. Runs sweet and more power than needed, just how I like it.
Peter T.
Tuesday, Oct 14 2008 (about 9 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
i got this engine for my mugen mbx5t and it is just a monster!!! then i bought a mbx6 and just for the hell of it i put it in there and holly sh!t. it pulls wheelies on the paved road and it is just insane, from the top speed to the quickness.

if you are looking for power get this!

Good luck
Michael Liles
Friday, Aug 29 2008 (about 10 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
This engine is insane!!! I bash a Jammin X1-CR with this motor, 20T clutch bell, 48T spur (stock), and buggy street tires. Ill be looking into a 46T spur soon because the motor has no problem reaching redline. btw, I do not use any restrictor. O.S. currently holds the title for baddest engine EVER!!
joshua krystecki
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Aug 20 2008 (about 10 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
this moter killes my brothers revo with a picco .26 its bad ass i love the raw pawer .....
gerrenn jennings
Wednesday, Jun 18 2008 (about 10 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
OK, now this motor has crazy power, to much for an everyday racer, I race here in Colorado and between the 7 tracks we have here 9 out 10 people who run this motor all agrre that its to much.... great for the muggy or LST but for a truggy I run a 6 mm restrictor and throttle at about 70%, No matter if Im up against the GRP, Nova, RB or vspec, with theses settings I still have plenty of power to move around the track, neck and neck on our 220 ft straightaway, and clear the monster 50ft table top. Now the one thing I do not like about this motor is it is a gas hog......Remember I race alot, no bashing. With this motor I find the guys that run this motor will have to pit one extra time in an 30 min main......
DeShaun Dash
Thursday, Jun 5 2008 (about 10 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
This motor is nasty the power is crazy it almost rip the tires off my truggy I use OS 2060 pipe nice top end as well as bottom end grunt. GOOD STUFF
Keith Newton
Tuesday, May 20 2008 (about 10 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
I have the old ninja 28's, this definately revs out higher with a much more useable smooth power band. Just like my v-spec with more power. I run the red 7mm restrictor and its insane, you don't need bigger unless your purely bashing. It eats 21's at the top aswell as the bottom. This is by far the best engine I have ever owned. Price is also fantastic for a new breed top end 28. Still running rich and I get 9.5 minutes to bone dry tank. I estimate 11 minutes is up for grabs which makes 20min mains no disadvantage to the 28,. amazing!!!!
Tuesday, May 13 2008 (about 10 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
Im thinking about putting this engine in my muggy is it worth it?
Kijana Crichton
Sunday, Mar 23 2008 (about 10 years ago)
O.S. .28XZ Competition Truggy Engine (Turbo Plug)
this engine just flat out screams.. i only ran it with the 9mm insert that came pre installed.. and i had waaay to much power and 8 minutes of run time..... its only on tank 10 and pulls the front up on my losi 8t with 10k in the center..... this thing just rocks.... and its consistant