• Topflite P-47D Thunderbolt Gold Edition Giant Scale Kit

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    The Giant Jug is Here! This is the 1/6 P-47D Thunderbolt Gold Giant Scale Edition Airplane Kit. This was modeled after the P-47D-30-RA attached to the 366th Fig...*More

    The Giant Jug is Here! This is the 1/6 P-47D Thunderbolt Gold Giant Scale Edition Airplane Kit. This was modeled after the P-47D-30-RA attached to the 366th Fighter Squadron, 358th Fighter Group, USAAF, Tour, France, 1944. This 1/6th Scale Warbird boasts Incredible Scale Accuracy, along with the Ease of Assembly made possible by Gold Edition Engineering. Cowling: Length, Firewall To Front: Height, Rear At Firewall: 12-3/8 Height At Front: 9+ (1 back from spinner) Width At Rear: 9+ Width At Front: 8 (1 back from spinner) COMMENTS: This kit can be fiberglassed or covered with film covering. After market are available (retracts, cockpit interior, pilot) (see optionals on the Accessory Completion Guide for these items) This kit comes with the bubble canopy. For the Razorback version, simply use the included wood for building and also purchase TOPQ8042 clear canopy to convert this kit. The O.S. FF-320 has plenty of power to fly the Giant P-47. The cylinder will protrude through the sides of the cowl and only is a couple of oz heavier than an US 41 and shouldn't be a problem. The wing planform is scale, but the airfoil is a little different compared to the actual airplane. The stab and fin have been enlarged to help stability. Everything else is pretty close to scale. JAL 1/3/00 ir/jl A small portion of the Robart landing gear protrudes from bottom of wing when retracted. The design and installation as specified are reasonable for a sport scale airplane. The entire gear, wheel and mechanism are fully within the wing, except for that portion of the strut that bends out and around the wheel, which protrudes something like +. To get the strut completely inside the wing, it would have required thickening the wing or placing the wheel right where the spar is. Both of these alternatives would have been costly and the second would have added much complexity. Robart now offers an optional specialized strut, which we do not carry. Call Robart directly to order. includes data on installing functional gear doors. Decal sheet P47GD01 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes: Two 16-1/8 x 8+ Blue & White stars and bars 12 1-1/8 White stars 26 7/8 White stars One 8+ x 2 Black & White Top Flite logo Two 3+ x 7/8 Black & White Top Flite logos 12 3/8 White stars One 2+ x 1+ ownership tag with clear frame Decal sheet P47GD02 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes: Two 11-3/8 x 6 Blue & White stars and bars Two 6 x 1-3/8 Black 433240 Ten 7/8 White stars Twelve 1+ White stars 21+ White stars 6-5/8 x 1-3/8 Black & White instrument panel Two 5+ x 1 White Tarheel Two 2-3/8 x 1 White Hal*Less

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    • Balsa-sheeted exterior provides an ideal surface for scale finishing
    • Combination delivers excellent flight performance and stability.
    • Easy to Build and Fly for the First Time Giant Scale Modeler
    • Fully-Symmetrical Wing
    • In the Air, the Giant P-47D Delivers Scale Flying Performance, and its Large Size makes it Easy To See and Appreciate. IMAA (International Miniature Aircraft Association) Legal
    • Photo-Illustated Manual Helps Guide Modelers Through the Assembly
    • Precisely Interlocking Parts Designed through AUTOCAD, and a thorough
    • Process.
    • This
    • Uses a notable elliptical wing platform using the proven S8036airfoil at the root and the S8037 airfoil at the tip.
    • Utilizes Familiar Wood Kit-Building Techniques, Tools and Materials
    • Vacuum-Formed ABS Cowl Included
    • Airfoil:Fully-Symmetrical, Low-Wing
    • Center of Gravity:5+ back from the Leading Edge at Rib 5.
    • Control Throws:High Rate Low Rate
    • Fuselage Length:75+ (1917mm)
    • Weight (w/radio):20 - 22lbs (9-10kg)
    • Wing Area:1327 sq in (85.6 sq dm)
    • Wing Loading:34.7-38.2 oz/sq ft (106-117g/sq dm)
    • Wingspan:85 (2160mm)
    • ~10 servos total (5 standard servos and 5 High torque 45 oz/in servos)
    • ~2 - 5" Main wheels and 1 - 1-3/4" Tailwheel
    • ~5-6 - 6ft rolls of covering material (Modeler's choice)
    • ~5 - Heavy duty Control Horns
    • ~2.1 to 2.8 cu in (35-45cc) Glow Engine or 2.5 to 4.2 cu in (41-70cc) gasoline engine
    • ~Engine mount for selected engine
    • ~Propeller depending on engine used.
    • ~5" Spinner
    • ~24 to 32 oz Fuel tank
    • ~6-7 channel Radio
    • ~6V 1200MAH Recevier Battery
    • ~2 - 24" Servo Extensions
    • ~4 - Y-Harness
    • ~26 - Heavy duty Hinge Points
    • ~Fuel Tubing
    • ~Easy Filler Fuel Valve
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