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    The F4U CORSAIR Gold Giant Scale Edition is a WWII, Single Engine Fighter Airplane. This 1/5th Scale Warbird boasts Scale Accuracy, along with the Ease of Assem...*More

    The F4U CORSAIR Gold Giant Scale Edition is a WWII, Single Engine Fighter Airplane. This 1/5th Scale Warbird boasts Scale Accuracy, along with the Ease of Assembly made possible by Gold Edition Engineering. COMMENTS: This kit can be fiberglassed or covered with film covering. After-market parts (retracts, interior, pilot, etc.) are available. See the optionals on the Accessory Completion Guide for these items. Manual Recommends A 16-24oz Fuel Tank, Use A 32oz For Best Results. The US 41 will be plenty of power for the giant Corsair. It is not as impressive as a ST4500 but works quite well once broken in. Decal sheet CSRGD01 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes: 13 x 7+ Blue & White stars and bars 9-1/8 x 5-1/8 Blue & White stars and bars 6-1/8 x 1 Yellow script Bayou Baby 2+ Yellow boxing Bugs Bunny line art 5-7/8 x 2-5/8 Yellow 850 Two 1+ x + Black 850 1-7/8 x + Black Wild Hare Squadron 3/8 White dot 6+ x 1-5/8 Black & White instrument panel 3/16 black block letters: No Step (4), No Push (6), Ammo 50 Cal. (3), Keep Clear (2), Use Type D Starting Cartridge, Oil Filler Grade: 1100 12 US Gal Marines 49850 F4U-1, Battery Compartment, Fuel 100/130 AN-F-28 178 US Gal, Attach APU Here, Pitot Tube Do Not Block, Servo Access (2), 24V Input, Hydraulic Fluid Only, Ground Here, Static Port, Sump Drain, Canopy Release, First Aid, CO2 Bleeder Valve, Stow Tow Hook Here, Life Raft, Air Inlet, Tie-Down Link (2), Inspection Access (3), Wing Lock (2), Tow Here (2), Jack Point (2), Control Lock (2), Plane Captain Msgt. M Golema, Mechanic 2CPO G Morenz. Keep Clear (4), No Step (4), No Push (4), Tow Here (4), Jack Point (2), Canopy Release (2), Inspection Access (4), Hydraulic Fluid Only (2). sdw 7/02 ENGINE MOUNTING: According to the plans it is 7-5/8 inches from the firewall to the front of the thrust washer of the engine. GX3/28/13*Less

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    • Cowling and Canopy.
    • Illustated Manual help guide modelers through the assembly process
    • In the Air, the Giant F4U Delivers Scale Flying Performance, and its
    • Kit includes many Precision-Formed Scale Details, such as a Molded
    • Precisely Interlocking Parts designed through AUTOCAD, and a Photo
    • Utilizes Familiar Wood Kit-Building Techniques, Tools and Material
    • Ail 1 each + each Engine:0¦ down 3¦ right
    • Airfoil:Fully-Symmetrical Low-Wing (Gull-Style)
    • CG:5-3/4 aft of LE inverted at fuse with gear DOWN.
    • Flaps 1+ Washout:2¦ at tip
    • Fuselage Length:24-26 lbs
    • Wing Loading:1/5.75
    • Wingspan:1344.5 square inches
    • ~6-7 Channel Radio
    • ~Bulding and Field equipment
    • ~Easy Fuel Valve for Gas of Glow fuel
    • ~Fuelproof paint
    • ~2 QTY 5" Main Wheels
    • ~1 QTY 1 3/4" Tailwheel
    • ~1/2" foam rubber padding
    • ~5+ QTY 6-foot rolls of covering
    • ~6V 1200MAH Receiver Battery
    • ~2.1-2.8 cu in (35-45cc) Glow engine OR 2.5-4.1 cu in (41-70CC) gas engine
    • ~Propeller specific to engine selected.
    • ~5" Spinner
    • ~32oz Fuel tank
    • ~Gas or Glow fuel tubing 36"
    • ~3 Standard Servos
    • ~7 high Torque (45oz-in minimum) servos
    • ~4 QTY Y-Harness
    • ~2 QTY 24" servo extensions
    • ~Swithc and charge mounting set
    • ~Heavy duty control horns
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