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    This is the TOP FLITE DOUGLAS DC-3 Twin-Engine 1/14 Sport Scale Airplane. The Golden Era of Aviation Eastern Air Lines replica is IMAA Legal with a fully-sheete...*More

    This is the TOP FLITE DOUGLAS DC-3 Twin-Engine 1/14 Sport Scale Airplane. The Golden Era of Aviation Eastern Air Lines replica is IMAA Legal with a fully-sheeted fuselage and wingspan of 82.5. The original airplane was designed for commercial passenger travel, and some still fly today. Makes a good 3rd or 4th kit to assemble for intermediate to advanced builders. This is a great introduction into building and flying a scale twin-engined kit. COMMENTS: Two .30 OS Max Wankel engines fit very scale-like into the nacelles and produce realistic sound. Two .52 OS Max Surpass engines work well with the DC-3 also. The Top Flite DC-3 is IMAA Legal in size, but make sure to use servos with at least 45 oz-in torque to meet IMAA requirements. Standard servos may be used instead of higher torque servos if DC-3 is not built IMAA legal and also if retract servo is relocated. Flaps: Split-Flaps are recommended and very effective for landing the DC-3. Retracts: Top Flite Retracts (TOPQ8276), Air Control Unit (ROBQ2302), Hand Pump (ROBQ2363), 4-40 threaded rod (GPMQ3743), Steel clevises (GPMQ3794), 3+ wheels, Nylon ball link (GPMQ3842), Wheel collars (GPMQ4308), Blind Nuts GPMQ3324, Screws (DUBQ3127), and Two #4x+(not carried) (NOTE: See the retract identification on how to install these.) * * You MUST use the Top Flite retracts if you want to install retracts. No other retracts will fit. * * Detail: To get the scale Zinc-Chromate color inside flaps and wheel wells, mix and brush on Yellow and Blue LusterKote. If building the C-47 military version, modeler will need colors like Flat Tan (TOPQ0516) or Flat Dove Gray (TOPQ0511) and other camouflage colors. The military markings are included with kit. Decals: DC3TD01, D02, D03, D04 are only sold thru Great Planes Mfg DC3TD01 Includes: (2) FLY - EASTERN AIR LINES Blue with Red trim (2) window decals (2) The Great Silver Fleet Red/White/Blue DC3TD02 Includes: (2) red birds 5+ x 7 (2) American flag 2 (4) 5 5/8 Blue and Red stripe (2) 4 Red and Blue stripe (1) angled Blue stripe DC3TD03 Includes: (4) 6 Blue and White stars (4) 2+ Blue and White stars (2) + Blue AF letters (2) + Blue 32 numbers (2) 1+ White 313 numbers (2) 1+ White 292189 numbers (1) 2+ White AJAJRR letters (2) 3+ White Q and 9 DC3TP04 (2 included) includes wing N #s JAL 7/15/98 COMMENTS: The DC3 modeled to produce this kit was actually ir/jl N#d N18124, not N88808 as accidentally modeled on the original prototype and box photography model. Sheet DC3TD04 includes the correct N #s, in single blue, not 3 color, as the actual aircraft did not have the 3 color shadowing on the N #. NOTE: In the kit is a big Eastern Airlines decal. It goes on the left wing on top. Per E.L.(R&D) JCT 1/16/02 updt jxs 5/28/04*Less

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    • (Most models of the DC-3 will go inverted and crash)
    • An interlocking fuselage frame builds flat on the plans and the large round fuselage requires very little carving or shaping.
    • Can be built with split-flaps and the scale aerodynamic Balance Tab rudder which uses the air deflection to help turn the plane.
    • Excellent flying characteristics; because of the engine angle and modified aerodynamics, this kit flies extremely well, even on oneengine.
    • Precision-formed ABS tail cone, engine nacelles, wing fairings, and cockpit top.
    • Fin Area:70.07 sq in
    • Fixed Landing Gear Wire Diameter:5/16
    • Fuselage Length:55.5 (1410mm)
    • Left Thrust:4¦
    • Right Thrust:4¦
    • Weight:8-10lbs (3630-4540g) Left engine = 3¦ out
    • Wing Area:750 sq in (48.4 sq dm) Right engine = 4¦ out
    • Wing Loading:24.6-30.7 oz/sq ft (75-94g/sq dm) Both = 6¦ down
    • Wingspan:(important!)
    • ~4-8 Channel radio w/6-9 serovs (recommended 8-9 Channel w/9 servos)
    • ~3 micro servos w/45 oz/in torque and 6 standard size servo 45 oz/in torque
    • ~2 - 12" Servo Extension
    • ~2 - Y-Harness
    • ~2 - .25 to .40 (4.6-5cc) 2-stroke engines or 2 .40 to .52 (6.5-8.5cc) 4-stroke engines
    • ~2 - Propellers (3-blade 10x4 recommended)
    • ~2 - spinner nuts
    • ~2 - 10 oz Fuel Tanks
    • ~6ft standard fuel tubing
    • ~2 - 3-1/4" Wheels
    • ~1 - 1-1/2" Tailwheel
    • ~3 - 6ft rolls of covering material (Modeler's choice)
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