• Novak Electronics Activ8 /Ballistic 8 Brushless System, 2D/2650Kv

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    1/10 Desert Truck Rtr
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    Heavy-Duty Controller Your vehicle isn t wimpy, so why put a wimpy controller in it? The Activ8 ESC uses high-quality, rugged components to ensure your vehicle ...*More

    Heavy-Duty Controller Your vehicle isn t wimpy, so why put a wimpy controller in it? The Activ8 ESC uses high-quality, rugged components to ensure your vehicle keeps running pack after pack. Full-Coverage Heat Sink For proper heat dissipation, the Activ8 takes full advantage of its robust size and features a full-coverage, cross-cut heat sink that has direct contact with all of the power MOSFETs. Whether you are ripping through the high desert or tearing off laps at your local arena, the heat sink is the first line of defense against heat build-up. A large cooling fan and fan guard are also included. Huge Power Wires The Activ8 comes wired from Novak with 12-gauge silicone battery and motor power wires that are easy to replace for factorylike, re-wire jobs. These power wires don t just have a 12 printed on them- they are top-quality, Novak Super-Flex wires. High-Powered Switching BEC To cope with the demands of heavy-duty servos and the rigors of extended practice sessions with heavy vehicles, the Activ8 features Novak s new high-powered switching BEC, which utilizes rugged components, for a clean and consistent 6 volts output. Heavy Duty High-Power PCB The Activ8 uses an extremely heavy-duty PC board that is embedded with massive, pure copper traces to ensure your ESC performs at its best. Equipped with Novak X-Drive Novak X-Drive will provide incredibly smooth throttle response while maintaining an extremely connected and controlled feel. This motor-firing technology has been taking the racing world by storm and is now available for the larger scale, higher voltage applications. No competition ESC is complete without X-Drive! Complete On-Board Programming To deliver unmatched performance and usability in the high-end, high-voltage ESC category, Novak engineers developed enhanced, on-board programming to ensure that customizing and tuning the Activ8 to your liking has never been easier. Gone are the days of special boxes, programmers, or lugging your expensive laptop to the dusty track. Nothing extra is needed, and making changes track-side is a snap! ACTIV8 ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS (ON-BOARD) DRAG BRAKE: Allows tuning of the auto brake, drag brake or coast brake response. DYNAMIC TIMING: To disable, activate, and adjust the amount of Dynamic Timing Advance that is applied to motor. RPM SET RANGE: Allows control when, and how, the Dynamic Timing engages with regard to the motor s actual RPM. DRIVE FREQUENCY: The throttle response or sensitivity allows fine-tuning of the motor s snap or feel. BRAKE FREQUENCY: The brake response or sensitivity, allows fine-tuning of the motor s brake feel. MINIMUM BRAKE: Initial brake tuning allows adjustability to how quickly or hard your brakes bite at first application. MINIMUM DRIVE: The lowest RPM the motor can start, which allows adjustment of the punch. DEADBAND: The space between the brake and throttle allows you to adjust your basic throttle sensitivity. Added Protection and Enhanced Error Monitoring Low-Voltage Protection A low-voltage LiPo protection segment has been developed and will monitor the LiPo pack voltage thousands of times per second. In order to prevent the pack from ever falling below the critical safety voltage, the ESC will simply reduce the power, slowing the vehicle. Thermal Protection The ESC keeps tabs on its core operating temperature and will back down its power to prevent the ESC from overheating, while still allowing you to move the vehicle to a safe spot. On-Board Temperature Diagnostics With a quick tap of the ESC s One-Touch button, multi-colored LEDs will indicate how hot the ESC is for instant temperature information. Error Sensing Sampling has been expanded to provide additional feedback via the ESC s multi-colored LEDs, allowing for quicker trouble-shooting. Motor Lock-Up Protection If your drive train or motor becomes bound up or jammed, the ESC will detect this and cut the power to prevent damage. Hall Effect Sensor Test This built-in test allows you to confirm that your motor s sensors and sensor harness are in good working order. Proven Ballistic 8 Motor Included The Novak Ballistic 8 motors have been tearing up tracks all over the world. Racing is hard on equipment, and having the ability to fix or repair your motors on site can be the difference in heading home early, or winning the main. Ballistic 8 motors are 100% rebuildable and supported by a complete line of replacement components and parts. The Ballistic 8 motors are manufactured from the highest quality components, including a kevlar-wrapped, 4-pole rotor, an epoxy-dipped 12-slot stator, oversized flanged bearings, and are hand-wound with Novak s low-resistance red wire. Additional features include adjustable mechanical timing and widely spaced, heavy-duty solder tabs.Motor Specs:Winds: 2-turn Delta-wound Motor Weight: 12.7 oz. (360 g) Input Voltage: 2S-4S Li-Po Kv (unloaded): 2, 650Kv Resistance (mO): 6.75 Motor Size: 1514 Size: 2.80 L x 1.71 D with fins (71 x 43.5mm) Output Shaft: Dimensions 5mm diameter x 18mm length w/flat Rotor Diameter: 16mm Design: Sensor-based Magnet: 4-pole, Sintered Neodymium Bearing: Oversized, flanged ABEC-5 Mounting Holes: M3X0.5 (on 25mm ), M4X0.7 (on 25mm 29mm ) *Less

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    • 5mm output shaft, and a completely rebuildable design- all to provide the ultimate in performance and reliability for 1/8-scale vehicles
    • Activ8 ESC features an interface with multiple on-board adjustable settings for custom tuning
    • Additional Tuning: Deadband, Reverse Disable, and LiPo Protection (On/Off)
    • Auto-detect LiPo battery protection circuitry automatically detects the battery voltage and reduces the power as needed to protect the batteries from going below the safety voltage
    • Brake Tuning: Brake Frequency, Drag Brake, and Minimum Brake
    • Built-in bank of high-powered, low-ESR capacitors allow clean installations
    • Built-in diagnostics provides ESC temperature monitoring at any time with the quick tap of the One-Touch button
    • Carries Team Novak s commitment to excellent quality and warranty with factory customer support and service
    • Drive Tuning: Dynamic Timing Advance, RPM Set Point, Drive Frequency, and Minimum Drive
    • ESC and motor were engineered to be used together for top-level performance
    • Gold-plated direct-solder wiring tabs allow flexible soldering options
    • Heavy-duty and cost-saving brushless system specifically developed to handle the rigors of 1/8th electric racing
    • Highly water-resistant ESC case with a dual-level protective silicone gasket seal to provide additional internal PC board shock absorption and support
    • Includes ESC cooling fan with fan guard, and factory-installed, full-size cross-cut heat sink for cool operation
    • NovaBrakes provide smooth, responsive, and extremely powerful braking for all driving conditions
    • Novak X-Drive provides enhanced throttle response, ultra smooth power delivery, higher top speeds, and cooler operating temperatures
    • Novak's Dynamic Timing Advance increases the motor's RPM dynamically through the RPM range of the motor
    • Novak's One-Touch Set-Up allows quick and easy transmitter set-up
    • On-board Hall Sensor Test easily and quickly verifies that the motor's sensors are working properly
    • Pure sensor design provides excellent torque and low-speed driveability
    • ROAR approved Ballistic 8 motor features a high-strength sintered rotor, hand-wound 12-slot stator with Novak s lowresistance red wire, adjustable timing
    • Robust 3-amp switching internal BEC provides strong and fast steering response under any conditions
    • Thermal overload protection circuitry protects ESC from overheating
    • User-replaceable input harness, switch harness, and power wires
    • BEC Voltage6.0 volts DC / 3.0 amps
    • BrakeYes
    • ForwardYes
    • Full On Resistance0.00040 ohms @ 25 C trans. temp.
    • Height1.22 in (31mm)
    • Input Voltage7.4-14.8V
    • Length1.57 in (40mm)
    • Motor LimitAll popular 2-pole and 4-pole sensored brushless motors
    • ReverseYes
    • Weight3.17 oz (89.8g)
    • Width2.13 in (54mm)
    • Wire Gauge12G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire
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