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    1/10 Desert Truck Rtr
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    Fully Featured Truggy Racer, now Waterproof with 2.4GHz Tech!The HPI Trophy range of off-road racers has been updated with the latest in 2.4GHz radio technology...*More

    Fully Featured Truggy Racer, now Waterproof with 2.4GHz Tech!The HPI Trophy range of off-road racers has been updated with the latest in 2.4GHz radio technology, waterproof servos and a waterproof receiver battery compartment! That's right: one of our most popular nitro kits ever now has been upgraded to make it a performer just about anywhere!The Trophy Truggy 4.6 is the perfect way to get into nitro 1/8 truggies! A 'truggy' is part truck with its big tires and pick-up truck style bodyshell, and it's also part buggy with the main drivetrain components, chassis and suspension being taken directly from or derived from a 1/8th scale rallycross buggy chassis. Truggies are a popular racing class around the world! This kit has got everything you need for anything you want to do. For bashing fun and big-air stunts, it has a durable aluminum chassis, braces and shock towers, and for race track performance and tuning the Trophy is equipped with the amazingly powerful Nitro Star F4.6 HPI engine, angle-pin racing tires, oil-filled shocks, turnbuckles and plenty of tuning adjustment possibilities.In addition to being race-bred and ready for track action, the updated Trophy Truggy 4.6 looks great, too. The aerodynamic racing truck bodyshell features a brand new paint design, and the Shredder Block angle pin racing tires are wrapped around cool black chrome Edge 7-spoke wheels. The rear wing isn't just for looks, either - it gives the Trophy loads of downforce and control in the air. To top everything off, we've updated the anodizing of the shock caps, wheel nuts and more to HPI-spec bright orange! WaterproofWant to tackle that muddy bug? How about that stream crossing? A bit of rain about to fall? That's all fine for the Trophy!The Trophy Truggy 4.6 now features a cool waterproof electronics compartment for the receiver and receiver batteries and a pair of HPI SF-10W waterproof servos and finally a water-resistant air filter cover that allows you to keep running the Trophy Truggy 4.6 in truly extreme conditions!Please note: This HPI vehicle is designed to provide water protection so it can be driven in wet conditions (e.g. rain, snow, puddles). Not for submersion. Nitro engines are splash protected and require extra care when running in wet conditions. See manual for details. 2.4GHz Radio SystemAll of the latest HPI kits are now fitted with a comfortable and feature-packed HPI 2.4GHz radio system for supreme control and confidence! The radio features a grip design with drop-down steering wheel, 3 channel functionality, easy carry handle, fold-down aerial, end point adjustments, servo reversing and steering dual rate. It's also extremely lightweight due to it requiring only four AA batteries.You won't have to worry about radio crystals or what channel other RC racers are using with our 2.4GHz technology - the radio does all that work for you! The radio prevents frequency conflicts automatically and changes channels if there is any interference. Finally, if you ever lose radio signal or battery power, an electronic failsafe will bring it to a safe and controlled stop. You'll have professional-level control in one easy RTR package! Nitro Star F4.5 engineThe awesome Nitro Star F4.6 engine from the legendary Savage 4.6 monster truck provides all the grunt needed to get the Trophy Truggy up to wild speeds - it's extra-loud, super-powerful and mightily strong, so you'll be able to pull off huge stunts like record-setting long jumps, backflips, tall jumps, even double backflips! The F4.6 engine will give you eye-opening acceleration and crazy top speeds! The engine is started by a simple pullstarter system and is protected by a unique water splash cover and 2-stage air filter for extra protection, and the two-needle carburretor allows you to fine-tune the performance for any kind of weather or fuel. Monster 4.6cc (.28) engine size Bore: 18.68mm Stroke: 16.6mm Power: 2.9hp @ 32, 000 RPM Carburettor: F1-7.5 (Composite 7.5mm) True ABC construction for long life Composite carb construction helps prevent heat vaporization of fuel Finned aluminum case Huge aluminum heatsink Tough pullstarter fitted standard 2-stage air filter for extra engine protection Splash cover over air filter keeps the engine from getting flooded with water in wet conditionsThe Nitro Star F4.6 is the perfect match for the Trophy Truggy, with its subdued grey CNC-machined heatsink head, finned aluminum case, composite-body slide carburettor and full range of tuning adjustments to let you tune it for all weather and track conditions. On the inside, the F4.6 has true ABC construction, with a chrome-plated brass piston and cylinder surrounded by the lightweight aluminum case. To get you going quickly, the F4.6 uses a pullstarter system, and a large opening on the underside of the chassis allows you to utilise a starter box for even faster engine starting. If you want to upgrade to simple engine starting, just install the #87130 HPI Roto Start 2 engine starting system for push-button engine starting! ChassisThe chassis of the Truggy 4.6 is made from 6061 aluminum for an excellent combination of strength and light weight. The low weight allows for faster acceleration, and the durability means you can have the confidence to pull off insane stunts and jumps!To increase the chassis stiffness, it's fitted with a metal rod brace and thick aluminum steering brace up front and a huge vertical aluminum plate brace in the back! This allows the suspension to do all the work it's designed to do for increased driving feel and control without chassis twist or bending getting in the way. DrivetrainThe drivetrain used in the Truggy 4.6 is a full-time four-wheel drive shaft-type drivetrain. The shaft drivetrain is the best option for a kit that's expected drive through mud, water, dirt, grass, snow or gravel! The entire drivetrain is supported by high quality ball bearings for extra efficiency, so you get the the maximum speed and acceleration possible, and the most out of every tank of fuel!A strong steel spur gear takes the power from the engine and transmits it through a central differential, which transfers power to the front and rear diffs by long central driveshafts. The front and rear bevel differentials use 4 internal gears for excellent durability over standard 2-gear diffs. The diff outdrives turn tough steel outdrives and axles, and 17mm orange anodized aluminum hex adapters spin the 7-spoke wheels, which are are wrapped with Shredder Block angle pin rubber racing tires.To bring the Trophy to a safe and controlled stop, dual drilled steel disc brakes with fibre brake pads are used. The brake pads use material from full-size trucks, bringing the Trophy to a quick yet controllable stop. All the brake linkage is fully adjustable for extra tuning power on the track. Suspension and SteeringThe Trophy Truggy 4.6 is fully equipped with a real racing suspension to give you*Less

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    • Factory-assembled & pre-painted 4WD nitro racing buggy
    • 2.4 GHz radio system for crystal-free, comfortable control
    • Waterproof receiver/battery box protects battery and receiver from the elements
    • Waterproof laydown steering servo for low CG and awesome handling
    • Waterproof throttle/brake servo
    • Covered air filter keeps water away from the air intake
    • Low center of gravity (CG) design for great track performance
    • Strong and reliable Nitro Star F3.5 engine with 2.5hp
    • Easy and simple pullstarter for instant action
    • Thick steering brace for increased chassis stiffness
    • Low-profile aluminum radio tray securely mounts servos
    • Race-tuned suspension design for awesome traction
    • Extra-long, oi-filled shocks with aluminum shock bodies
    • Steel turnbuckle links allow you to custom-tune the ride
    • Tough front bumper protects against crash damage
    • Extra-large 160cc fuel tank gives you plenty of runtime
    • HB Proto tires look fantastic on black chrome wheels
    • Height:7.1 (180mm)
    • Height:5.1 (130mm
    • Length:22.8 (580mm)
    • Length:18.25 (462mm)
    • Track:14.4 (365mm)
    • Wheelbase:14.4 (365mm)
    • Width:15.9 (405mm)
    • Width:7.1 (180mm)
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