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    Welcome to HobbyTown USA in Nanuet!

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  • RC Cars and Trucks

    We carry several brands of remote control vehicles including Traxxas, Team Associated, HPI, Losi and Kyosho MiniZ's. We keep tons of Traxxas parts in stock and many parts from the other brands. Most parts or vehicles that we don't stock we can special order. Special orders typically takes from 3 days to a week to arrive.
    Selecting a Vehicle
    Deciding which vehicle to get can be tricky, especially if you're new to the hobby. The first thing you want to determine if you want an electric vehicle or a nitro vehicle. Electric vehicles are quiet, take very little maintenance, but have limited run time without having extra batteries. Nitro vehicles are louder, require more maintenance, but can be run for extended periods of time with minimal down time compared to electric vehicles.

    For electric vehicles you may need to pick up a battery and a charger. Some vehicles come with a NiMH battery and slow charger already in the box. These chargers will generally charge the battery over the course of a few hours. If you plan on running often it's a good idea to pick up a quick charger which can charge most batteries in less than an hour. Picking up an extra battery is also a recommended. This way you can charge one while running your vehicle and minimize your downtime.
    Electric motors are either "brushed" or "brushless." A brushless motor uses magnets to eliminate friction thereby making the motor much more efficient. Electric vehicles with brushless motors typically can run 70 mph or faster. A vehicle with a brushed motor, with its lower top speed, may be more ideal for beginners and kids.
    The two common types of batteries for powering electric vehicles are Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium Polymer (LiPo). NiMH batteries are far more common and most electric vehicles are setup to use NiMH batteries right out of the box. LiPo batteries output a lot more power than NiMH batteries and allow the vehicle to run a lot faster. However, most vehicles are not typically designed to use LiPo batteries without upgrading the Electronic Speed Control (ESC), the brain of the vehicle.
    Nitro engines are generally started using an EZ Start (for Traxxas vehicles) or a pull start. Vehicles that use an EZ Start may come with a battery and charger, but some require you to buy them separately. Regardless of which starter your vehicle uses you'll need the following:


    • Fuel - Most nitro cars and trucks run on 20% Nitro fuel.
    • Fuel Bottle - You use this to put fuel into the vehicle's fuel tank.
    • Glow Plugs - Used to heat up the engine so that it can start. It's a good idea to have two or three on hand just in case the installed one dies.
    • Glow Driver - Used to heat up the glow plug when starting the engine.
    • Glow Wrench - Used to install and uninstall glow plugs.
    • After-Run Oil - It's a good idea to clean your engine when you've finished for the day with after-run oil to keep it in good condition, especially if you don't plan on running for a few days.

    Before you can run your vehicle normally you'll have to break in the engine. Most nitro vehicles will come with a DVD as well as a manual that will explain the exact process. Breaking an engine in will generally consist of running through a few tanks. The first is typically idling through a tank, then the rest will be running 2 second bursts at varying throttle pressures.

    R/C Meet-up
    Every Sunday night at 6:30 PM (weather permitting) we have an RC night that is free to all. We meet in the parking lot of the store and run our vehicles. Everyone is free to bring their on vehicle to run or even to just come and watch. We're happy to answer any questions as are most of the people who show up who have been in the hobby for years. It's a great place to learn about different vehicles and see them in action.
    Indoor Track
    We have an indoor RCP track for 1/24th and 1/18th scale R/C cars. The track also has a computerized lap counter to keep track of your best lap times and other stats. The track, the lap counter and vehicles (MiniZ's and RPMz) are available for rent at anytime throughout the week. We will also be organizing racing nights on Saturday nights in the future.