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    Great Planes After Run Engine Oil 2 FL OZ.

    This is the 2 fl oz bottle of Great Planes After Run Engine Oil. **IMPORTANT-the instructions on the bottle say to pour oil into** **carburetor, this is incorrect. NEVER pour after run oil** **into carburetor as this will cause O-rings to deteriorate.** **Pour into exhaust port or glow plug hole only.** COMMENTS: Pour enough oil into exhaust port or glow plug hole to thoroughly coat all internal components except those in carburetor. jxs 09/05/13 ir/jxs

    • Helps prevent gum and varnish buildup
    • Ideal for 2- and 4-stroke glow powered RC engines
    • Pour into exhaust port or glow plug hole after each run
    • Provides protection from corrosion to all internal engine parts
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    Product description
    Evolution Engines Blue Block Afterrun Oil Dispenser 20cc

    Specifically formulated to protect your glow engine from rust and corrosion, Blue Block prevents potentially harmful deposits and provides a longer, cleaner lifespan for your engine. It s available in a convenient, easy-to-store dispenser with a handy refill bottle (sold separately).

    • Facilitates easy starting
    • Inhibits formation of rust and extends glow fuel engine life
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