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    DuraTrax Kwik-Pit 500cc Fuel Bottle

    The Team Duratrax Kwik-Pit 500cc (16 oz) Kwik-Pit Fuel Bottle. SPEC: Fuel Capacity: 500cc (16oz) Fueling Nozzle Outer Diameter: 8mm COMMENTS: Also Available DTXP0125 (250cc) For Replacement Spout Cap, Use GPMQ4190. JAL 4/22/99 ir/jl

    • Anodized Aluminum Blue Spout (Neck) With A Curved End 5 Long Neck To Easily Reach Inside Bodies
    • Great For Glow Fuel Powered 1/10th and 1/8th Scale Vehicles
    • Made of Semi-Clear Plastic
    • Marked in 10cc Increments
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