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    Castle Creations 1/10 Mamba Max Pro SC System + 2400 KV By Castle CreationsCSE010009100

    Short Course Trucks are the hottest segment in RC surface these days, and who's best at making great upgrades that actually improve reliability and give insane speed? Castle, of course. We've teamed with Castle to bring the Mamba Max Pro SCT ESC and Neu-Castle 1415-2400kv motor combo to customers who want to take the next step in speed and reliability beyond their stock brushless setup. Question: So wait a minute, the motor in this combo has a lower Kv than the stock motor, how can it be faster or better? Answer: Kv doesn't equal power -- these motors are almost 100% more powerful than most stock brushless setups. Ours are four pole motors, with higher quality components designed for improved torque. So go ahead, gear it higher than the stock motor and you'll really feel the difference -- even with the same cell count! Still want to race? There are lots of tracks allowing "550" size motors and this system is designed to compete against those 550 can size motors. Mamba Max Pro SCT is built for speed, but it's also a torque monster, able to dig out of tall grass, sand, you name it. Easy to Install: The Neu-Castle 1415 motor bolts right in and the ESC wires are ready to connect to the motor. Just add your battery connector to the ESC and you are ready to rip. Suggested Applications: 1/10 2wd and 4wd vehicles weighing 6.5lbs or less ready to run with batteries installed. Run this combo with up to 4S max cells. Don't forget, this is a 4 pole motor, so you can gear it higher than 2 pole motors of higher KV. Mamba Max Pro SCT combo includes: Mamba Max Pro SCT Edition ESC Neu-Castle 1415 2400 kv motor CC Blower fan shroud

    • 9100 1/10 Mamba Max Pro SC System + 2400 kV
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    Castle Creations SV3 Sidewinder 3800kV Waterproof ESC Combo By Castle CreationsCSE010012300

    Sidewinder SCT controller offers a 40% increase in power handling over the previous Sidewinder 1/10 but keeps the same great Sidewinder affordability. The Neu-Castle 4 pole 1410 1Y motor offers 50% more torque than Castle's great CM36 series motors of similar kv. This is a 2 cell race motor perfect for 2 and 4 wheel drive Short Course Trucks. Add some cool to your motor with the included CC Blower fan and shroud and you are ready to run with the big boys. The Sidewinder SCT is ready to run out of the box, but it is completely Castle Link compatible too - drivers can use their Castle Link and Windows PC to tune and tweak all their favorite settings such as brake and throttle curves, throttle response, drag brake and many other parameters that add up to an incredible RC driving experience.

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    Castle Creations 1/8 Sidwewinder ESC 1515B-2200kv Motor 010-0139-00 By Castle CreationsCSE010013900

    It s time to meet the next big kid on the block. Lean and mean like his little SV3 brother, he features everything you ll need to toss around buggies, truggies, and monster trucks around like a rag doll. Anything weighing in at up to 11lbs and running up to 6S LiPo is fair game. Its powerful BEC will laugh at nearly every servo on the market today, and its potted design will tolerate wet conditions without flinching. Paired with Castle Creations new 1515B-2200kv motor, with the same internal design as our award winning NC-1515-2200 motor, it s sure to beat down the competition. The ESC is equipped with the state of the art software that Castle is known for, and has USB programming capability using the Castle Link USB Adapter (sold separately). So pound on snow filled parking lots, beat the muddy trails into submission, and tear streams a new one. Tell em 8th sent ya.

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    DuraTrax 1/10 Element 3900kV Brushless System By DuratraxDTXC3122

    This is the DuraTrax 3900kV Brushless Power System. COMMENTS: Per Castle Creations- The throttle always needs to be in the 50/50 mode, NOT 70/30. Some 27Mhz radios may have trouble getting into the manual programming mode. KCR 02/26/14 jxs 06/06/11 ir/jxs JMM 01FEB14

    • Some of the vehicles this system is compatible with include, but are not limited to the DuraTrax EXT2 and Evader DT, Associated SC10 and B4.1 Buggy, HPI Blitz SC, Traxxas Slash SC, Rustler and Bandit
    • Upgrade from stock brushless or brushed systems on 1/10 scale 2WD off road vehicles
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    Radient Reaktor 3500kv Brushless Motor Combo By RadientRDNA0023

    The Radient Reaktor brushless ESC and motor set a new standard for value and performance. Never before has a brushless combo been offered with this high of performance and features at this incredible value. This 3500kV system is Ideal for 2wd 1/10th scale vehicles but more than capable of powering a Helion Dominus SC and TR! Equipped with programmable LVC, and reverse or brake modes, this ESC was built for the beginner but engineered to last. Capable of running 2s and 3s LiPo batteries, the Reaktor system feeds your craving for more performance when you outgrow the typical included NiMH batteries. Upgrade your vehicle with a Radient Reaktor system and feel the power!

    • Waterproof low profile design with cooling fan
    • 35A with programmable LVC and reverse
    • Thermal & current overload protection
    • Up to 8 cell NiMH or 3s LiPo
    • 5V 3A BEC for powering all your 1/10th scale servo needs
    • 3.5mm gold bullet motor connectors and Tamiya® compatible battery connector with gold plated inner plugs
    • 3500kV 2 pole sensorless
    • Slotless stator designed to reduce cogging and improve performance
    • Machined aluminum can and end plates
    • High torque large magent rotor
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    Traxxas 3350X Velineon Brushless Power System Waterproof By TraxxasTRA3350X

    The next generation of extreme brushless horsepower is here, Ready-To-Race from Traxxas and now waterproof! Velineon is the ultimate brushless system delivering the tiremelting horsepower, supercharged speeds, and ease of use that you expect from Traxxas. Just plug it in and it works. The key to the Velineon s extreme power output is total system optimization. Each component, from the Traxxas high-current battery connector, to the powerful Velineon 3500 brushless motor, is carefully engineered to work with other system components to eliminate restriction and allow maximum power flow. High-frequency transistors and advanced circuit design deliver incredibly smooth and refined throttle control. The Velineon system accepts the widest range of battery types, including 3-cell Lithium Polymer packs (3S LiPo packs). Built-in, low voltage detection in the VXL-3's electronic speed control helps keep LiPo battery packs in top condition. Traxxas exclusive waterproof technology allows the Velineon system to operate in wet conditions, including mud and snow, with no special precautions required. You decide where the Velineon-powered adventure leads the only limits are your imagination.

    • 10-turn, 3500Kv
    • 3 drive profiles: Sport Mode, Race Mode, and Training Mode
    • Accepts NiCd, NiMH (4-10 cells), and LiPo (2-3 cells) battery packs
    • Auto-detects the motor type
    • Built-in, two-stage low voltage detection for LiPo battery packs
    • Compatible with brushed, brushless and sensored brushless motors
    • Now waterproof
    • Optimized for extreme power and efficiency in 1/10 vehicles
    • Two-stage thermal shutdown protection
    • Velineon 3500 brushless motor
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    Traxxas 3351 Motor Velineaon 3500 Brushless By TraxxasTRA3351

    The Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor uses ultra high-temperature Neodymium magnets, high-speed ball bearings, and a precision balanced rotor for power and long-life. Since there are no brushes or commutator to wear out, the need for maintenance is virtually eliminated. The Velineon 3500 delivers consistent, high-power output, run after run.

    • 10-Turn, 3500kV
    • Delivers more power than comparable brushed motors
    • Efficient, high-speed ball bearings
    • Low-maintenance, unique Traxxas design
    • Optimized for power and efficiency in 1/10th scale vehicles
    • Precision-balanced rotor
    • Rebuildable
    • Silicon steel laminations
    • Ultra high-temperature sintered Neodymium magnets provide massive torque and linear power.
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    Traxxas 3370 Velineon VXL - 3m Brushless Power System: 1/16 By TraxxasTRA3370

    The Velineon VXL-3m forward/reverse electronic speed control simplifies brushless technology with easy, built-in profiles and intuitive programming. The VXL-3m uses advanced circuit design that allows sensorless brushless motors to operate with the smoothness and precision of the best brushed systems. It sets up, operates, and programs just like the Traxxas XL-5 family of ESCs so there's no tricky new procedures to learn. Traxxas' exclusive patent-pending Training Mode is also included to limit full throttle to 50% for young or inexperienced drivers. For the most advanced users, the VXL-3m is equipped with two-stage low voltage detection to allow LiPo battery use, including powerful 11.1-volt 3S packs!

    • Advanced circuit design allows sensorless brushless motors to operate with the smoothness and precision of the best brushed systems. There's no need for additional sensor wiring and hardware complexity.
    • Built-in two-stage low voltage detection for Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery use provides a clear signal to the driver that the battery pack is nearing its minimum voltage threshold
    • Gold plated 3.5mm bullet connectors on 16-gauge Maxx Cable flow full power to the motor without performance-strangling resistance.
    • Micro-fin aluminum heatsink dissipates heat.
    • MOSFET design provides high-current output (326 amp peak) with incredibly low resistance (.0005 (Ohm)).
    • The patent-pending Training Mode is an exclusive Traxxas feature that reduces the overall power output of the VXL-3m by 50%, making it easier for new or younger drivers to control their model. When they're ready, simply change profiles to unleash full-throttle action.
    • The VXL-3m is programmable with three drive profiles: Sport mode, Race mode, and Training mode
    • Traxxas High-Current Connector maintains pure, unrestricted power flow from the battery to the brushless power system.
    • Water resistent case design uses rubber seals and o-rings to protect against damage caused by water and moisture.
    • Wide range of battery options, including 6-12 cell NiMH or NiCad packs
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    Traxxas 3371 Velineon 380 Brushless Motor By TraxxasTRA3371

    This is the Traxxas Velineon 380 Brushless motor, and is intended for use with the Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo and 1/16 Slash vehicles, but is also a excellent choice for any surface application that requires a 380 size motor. The Velineon® 380 Brushless Motor uses ultra high-temperature Neodymium magnets, high-speed ball bearings, and a precision balanced rotor for power and long-life. Since there are no brushes or commutator to wear out, the need for maintenance is virtually eliminated. The Velineon 380 delivers consistent, high-power output, run after run.

    • Diameter: 1.10 in (28mm)
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    Traxxas 38104 Blast Race Boat RTR w/TQ 2.4 Rx By TraxxasTRA38104

    The Traxxas Blast is engineered to be fast, reliable, and easy to drive. The installed water cooling system for the motor helps keeps the Blast cool for longer run times and all day fun. With the waterproof, fully proportional Nautica electronic speed control, waterproof high-torque servo, and the patent-pending watertight receiver box, the lakeside fun doesn't end early because of wet radio gear. The Blast is always ready to make waves with its stable 24-inch deep-V hull, a stylish new hatch, fresh new graphics and powerful water-cooled Stinger 20-turn modified motor. The steerable outdrive with adjustable trim deliver precise control and high-performance tuning options. Blast delivers Traxxas speed, fun, and quality with a feature list you might not expect from such an affordable boat. The price makes it easy to double the fun by purchasing two for realistic off-shore racing action.With the TQ 2.4GHz radio system, you just switch on a drive. There are no channels or frequencies to manage, so the focus is on having fun. The TQ s ergonomic design is comfortable for all-day driving, and its sleek lines are enhanced by an internal antenna that is impervious to damage.The steerable outdrive and surface piercing prop work together with the specially designed hull to keep the Blast on a solid course, even during the most radical wave thrashing. It's exciting action in a swimming pool and powerful fun on the open water. Best of all, the Blast is fully-assembled and ready-to-run with the radio system and electronic speed control installed. You'll be challenged by the waves, not an assembly manual. Blast's colorful decals and simple operation get you out on the water and having fun, fast!

    • 24" Deep-V Hull
    • 4-6 Cell Operation
    • Built-In Foam Floatation
    • Direct Drive
    • Full-Color Die-Cut Decals
    • Fully Assembled, Ready-To-Drive Right Out Of The Box
    • High-Torque Waterproof Servo
    • Includes Boat Stand
    • Installed Water Cooling System
    • Nautica Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
    • Perfect Size for the Swimming Pool
    • Sealed Receiver Box
    • Steerable Outdrive
    • Stinger 20-Turn Motor
    • Surface Piercing Propeller
    • TQ 2.4GHz Radio System
    • Traxxas High-Current Connector
    • Waterproof Electronics
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