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    Springbok Puzzles Tiny Treasures 2000pc Puzzle

    Tiny Treasures 2000pc Puzzle

    • Tiny Treasures - 2000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
    Product description
    Springbok Puzzles Coca-Cola Christmas 1500pc Puzzle

    A Coca-Cola Christmas features years of nostalgic Christmas ornaments and advertisements created by Coca-Cola. A truly interesting piece of history, this puzzle is perfect for Coke enthusiasts and anyone who loves a challenging Santa-filled Christmas puzzle.

    • A Coca Cola Christmas 1500 Piece Puzzle
    Product description

    Coca Cola lovers will delight in this sweet image that delivers surprising difficulty. The soft tones of the sky and trees combined with the intricate details of the cars and characters make this a refreshing challenge. How can you resist?

    • Pieces: 1500
    • Finished Size: 36" x 28.75
    • Artist: Pamela C. Renfroe
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    Springbok Puzzles Garden Beginnings 1500pc Puzzle

    Garden Beginnings 1500pc Puzzle

    • Garden Beginings 1500 Piece Puzzle
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