• Timeline for prospects  

    • First, you’ll submit an Ownership Application 
    • Within one business day, we will call you to: 
      1. Identify your goals 
      2. Discuss market availability 
      3. Discuss competition in the market 
      4. Answer basic questions you may have 
      5. Schedule a follow-up call 
    • Over the next 1-2 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to: 
      1. Speak with Department Executives about services provided, including: 
        • Corporate Services - Bill Graeve (VP of Finance) 
        • Franchise Services - David Gaines (VP of Franchise Services) 
        • Franchise Operations - Todd Anderson (VP of Operations) 
      2. Receive the Franchise Disclosure Document for review 
      3. Schedule a Discovery Day at our headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska 
    • Then, during the following 2-3 weeks, you can: 
      1. Call current franchisees of your choice 
      2. Experience a Discovery Day at our home office, where you will: 
        • Visit our Lincoln retail store 
        • Speak with many department heads 
        • Have lunch with the Company President 
        • Sign the franchise agreement if you are ready to move forward 
      3. Begin the opening process!