• It is said that "once the entrepreneur's dream becomes reality, the only real challenge left is to share the success with others." At HobbyTown USA®, we have reached this pinnacle and have been sharing this success with others for over 25 years.  


    The HobbyTown USA® story began in Lincoln, Nebraska (where the national headquarters remains today). Merlin Hayes, Mary Hayes and Thom Walla began HobbyTown USA® with one hobby store in Lincoln. The trio wanted to share their dream with others who wanted to own their own hobby store. In 1985 they formed a corporation for this purpose. As they say, “the rest is history”. 


    Today, with over 150 franchise stores open and under development, HobbyTown USA® is the world’s largest retail hobby & specialty toy store chain. As a nationally registered franchise, the company is widely regarded as the leader in the retail hobby and specialty toy industries. We are ranked annually in the Entrepreneur 500 and Success Magazine has listed HobbyTown USA® as one of their top 100 franchises.  


    HobbyTown USA® integrates the hobby and specialty toy industries into a single brand that provides a unique and differentiated customer experience. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service, achieving higher than industry average inventory turns and retail sales per square foot. The hobby and specialty toy industries have experienced significant change in the past 25 years. While hobby enthusiasts can still enjoy the rewarding experience of an intense building process, the industry has expanded into new markets by offering ready-to-run products that allow the novice to discover the enrichment of hobby activities.  


    The evolution of online shopping has also impacted the industry and provides a progressive retailer like HobbyTown USA® the opportunity to reach and service our customers in a way that uniquely exceeds their needs and expectations by combining the convenience of internet shopping with the brick & mortar shopping experience. In a crowded and competitive retailing landscape, successful retailers must differentiate and deliver value to the consumer to remain viable. HobbyTown USA® remains positioned for long term success and viability with the development of their own proprietary line of products that deliver added consumer value, new technologies and greater retailer profitability. The HobbyTown USA® business model will continue to integrate and support the best product brands in the industry while achieving differentiation and greater profitability from their exclusive product brands.  


    We are constantly testing new products, ideas and emerging technologies to increase store sales. We grow through innovation and the evolution of a franchise system based on the best practices of our franchisees. Our franchisees are empowered to explore new product ideas and make independent buying decisions that provide us with business intelligence and national sales data to help each franchise owner optimize their inventory strategies. While the industries and retail landscape continues to evolve, the one constant is the unique shopping experience provided by HobbyTown USA® stores to consumers seeking to fulfill their hobby and leisure pursuits.   


     Our mission is simple: we help hobby retailers grow. We offer leadership, guidance, and the development of effective tools that will enable our franchisees to achieve their maximum potencial profitability, efficiency, market penetration and satisfaction of franchise ownership. Our vision is for HobbyTown USA® to be the leading multi-channel retailer in the hobby and specialty toy industries by embracing, supporting and maximizing the strengths and diversity of each franchisee to become the foremost resource and destination for family fun and entertainment.